Frequently Asked FAQs

So stop asking!

Just to save me some time, and not clog up the comments. As active as this site is, two or three times does count as "frequent".


Q: Is ________________ posable?

A: If it has a motor, there’s a pretty good chance the answer to this is no. If it’s an HMM, there’s a pretty good chance the answer to this is yes (if posing also involves loose joints and pieces falling off at random). There are a few other poseable ones to be found. I’ll leave that as an exercise to the reader.


Q: Where can I find ________________?

A: This is about it. Or, let me google that for you.

Q: Can I buy your ________________?

A: Yeah, probably. Everything you ever wanted to know can be found within that link. It’s like a FAQ-ception!

Q: I myself have some Zoids to sell! Is anyone interested?

A: Yeah, probably. BUT! Unfortunately I can’t really help you, since this site is not very active. Also I can’t put you in touch with other users. Your best bet is the forums. Your Zoids will find good homes there.


Q: Is ________________ the HMM version?

A: If it’s not listed under the HMM category, there’s a 99% chance the answer to this is no. There’s a 1% chance it’s miscategorized, in which case: thank you for alerting me to this error!

Q: Are HMMs posable?

A: Yes, that’s the whole point of the line. That, and more details.

Q: Are HMMs hard to build?

A: This depends on your skills, but still: yes. They’re harder than the newer Master Grade Gundam kits and have lots of tiny, fragile parts.

Q: Do HMMs really have as many problems as you say, or do you just have a bad case of the hamhands?

A: A little from column A, a little from column B. From what I’ve read the newer, non-gorilla ones have fewer problems, but almost of the bigger ones eventually start to sag in the joints. The heavier the kit, the bigger a problem this is. Here is a solution I may try one day: A Solution.

I would also like to note that when you submit a comment, I can see your email address, so don't try pretending to be 50 different people asking the same question. THANX!