2nd Worldwide Release


In 2002 something weird happened. I think Tomy was courting the kid market… or something.

BZ-003 Mosasledge

Despite my initial hatred of all things Blox, I had to get this one right off, on account of my undying love of aquatic zoids. It sat in storage for years, until I dug him out with plans to raid his parts for my Killer Bee custom. Lucky for Mosasledge, his parts were not right, so he lives on. This one would look a million times better with panel lining and details painted on. I am adding that to my eternally long zoids to-do list.

Status: SOLD, 06/2011

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First Posted: 2008-07-04

BZ-008 Demonshead

MIB until such time as I need a hearty laugh.

Status: Not sold, but gone nonetheless, 07/2013

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First Posted: 2008-12-02

BZ-013 Cannon Diver

I never liked this one much, because the big guns looked silly, but when I put on some smaller ones (off an Unenlagia), he grew on me. I’d like to do a custom using that head, but nothing comes to mind yet.


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First Posted: 2008-05-23

BZ-014 Deantler

I got this one because I wanted to try the fusion with Storch, and also because Toy-Wave had them on sale for $2. Unfortunately, after trying to assemble the guy I still feel like I paid too much. This is one of a few kits (along with the Storm bros.) that had a really bad production run, making the maroon plastic incredibly brittle. So brittle I didn’t even have to cut the pieces off the sprue; just press gently. The head halves broke when I tried to put them together, so I ended up just gluing it. The “second head” (the one that’s used in the Storch fusion) shattered when I tried to attach it to the blox connector peg. The Storch mount is still ok (for now), but I’m worried.


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BZ-014 Deantler fusion: Storchantler

This is why I got Deantler. The “official” fusion looks a bit odd, but I like having the new head on regular Storch, despite the lack-of-pilot situation it creates. (I also had no idea how to fit the blox cockpit on, so I just rested it in place for pics.)

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Posted: 2008-07-04

BZ-023 Savinga

Savinga came at the end of the NJR, and combined with Whitz Wolf to form the severely underwhelming Whitz Tiger. I ended up liking Savinga better on its own and chucking the wolf. Depending on which head you use, it is a momonga type (big eyes), or flying squirrel type (grey head). A lot of people use this kit to make bunny customs.

Status: Raided for parts, summer 2007

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First Posted: 2008-07-04