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2012-01-11: Oh snap, a redesign?

Well, I did it. After a year or so of thinking about it, and many many late nights, I finally redesigned this damn thing. For all the work I put into it, things sure don’t look all that different, but here’s a quick tour, anyway. In list form:

  • Whatever the newest post is (Zoids posts, news posts, “meta” stuff), it will appear at the top of the front page. For visibility and all that.
  • Under that: recent Zoids posts, links to the last few news posts, recent comments, new/updated pics (lots of them).
  • It looks better on bigger screens, but probably not as good on tiny (less than 1024×768) screens.
  • More thick black lines, because I wanted them!
  • I redid all the random corner images (because I lost the original Photoshop file), and added a couple more.
  • I added more randomly changing stuff (the corner, banner, and footer backgrounds change color every time you load a page).
  • I added a bunch of crazy CSS3 stuff. (Round corners! Shadows!)
  • Hopefully the design is cleaner? HA!
  • Probably a ton of bugs in Internet Exploder (I am pretty sure I don’t want to know about these).
  • Still no new content!

There are still a few lingering things that annoy me, so I’ll get to those in, uhh, two years. Also, I changed the name to “…and Stuff” partly because I’m trying not to use so many dang cusswords on my sites, but mostly because of Ron Swanson.


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2012-06-10: Hi, everybody!

Today I realized that I never finished moving over the Starriors/R.A.T.S. stuff from my pre-wordpress site. So now I have done that.

OK, so there wasn’t that much more to move, but…

PS—I’m probably not willing to part with anything Starriors/R.A.T.S.-related just yet, or ever. There is either strong nostalgia or rarity at play here. I’ll mark the individual posts in like seven months or something.


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2012-07-21: Things I am not looking forward to doing, part 1025284782

So now that it’s 2012 and almost everyone has much bigger monitors and fast inter-net connections, it occurred to me that I should probably think about replacing all my now-tiny-looking pictures on this site. I mainly thought about this, because I will do literally anything to put off clearing out the “need pics” tag. Not to mention all the draft posts, and posts in my head that don’t even have drafts yet.

I also wish I could make that stupid “no pingbacks/trackbacks” thing on single posts go away, unless there’s an actual pingback/trackback.


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2013-06-18: I probably broke some stuff

So instead of taking pictures, I…

  1. I did my periodic “damn, I’m old; time to make the fonts bigger” update. I did it really quick and dirty, so something could be wonky somewhere.
  2. I also did a thing where if you scroll down far enough, the menu stays at the top. I didn’t really test it except in the latest FF and chrome, so if it’s wonky in IE… serves you right!

One day, I’d like to make this look good on “mobile devices”, like I (sort of) did on smeat.net). Partly for the attainment of skills, but mostly because I now do 87% of my internetting on my beautiful beautiful phone, while lying in bed trying to fall asleep.


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2013-09-17: HMM BF Teaser Pics

So I’ve had this guy for nearly a year and haven’t done any pics? Not quite true. I did a few earlier in the summer. They’re still on my camera. Here is a teaser.

2014-01-06: New Year’s resolutions (that I will totally break)

In this year of our Zoid, 2014, I resolve to…

  1. Fix the stupid gallery thing
    At some point while upgrading wordpress (3.0?), I was horrified to discover they changed the way they handle uploading/sorting images. You used to be able to control what order they appeared, without using that butt-awful “gallery” shortcode. No more. Now it’s just whatever order you uploaded them, which SUUUUUCKS if you replace an image later. So now I have to write my own override of that butt-awful “gallery” shortcode.
  2. Make the site look all pretty on phones and stuff
    Wave of the future and all that.
  3. About a million other things
    Basically anything to put off having to…
  4. …Take and actually upload pics
    Man, that’s a pain, you know?

As usual, don’t hold your breath.

Also, keep buying (most of) my stuff!

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Posted: 2014-01-06

2015-02-10: Hi, everybody!

So 2014 was kind of a massive parade of poop. Maybe 2015 will be less so? If you’ve inquired about anything in the past few months, I will get back to you.

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2015-09-23: More fire, more sale

So I’m very slowly listing almost everything on the electronic bay. VERY SLOWLY. Taking all those pictures on my potatophone, cleaning up the pictures, finding boxes, measuring and weighing the boxes, doing the writeup… such a pain. I only have the energy to do a few a week, so if there’s anything of interest you can probably still catch me in time.

Otherwise, here’s that link again: http://www.ebay.com/usr/custom-concern

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Posted: 2015-09-23