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The Legend of the Brown Reptex

(Spoiler alert! It’s not real.)

Deep within the mists of time (early 2001), there was an auction of a bunch of loose Zoids and Robo Strux kits. Most were in pretty bad shape and the only picture was of the whole lot of them just laying on the scanner. And the quality/resolution: not so good. But there was a curious item—a Reptex, but with faction-switched colors! The bidding went fast and furious (there was also a Cosmozoid in the lot) and quickly reached a price beyond my funding.

A friend of mine who was also outbid ended up contacting the winner and asking about the mystery Zoid. It turns out it was just an OJR Gator that had been left in the sun. Myth: BUSTED!

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Last Modified: 2013-07-20

First Posted: 2008-11-07