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2008: Gator Guylos Specification

This was part of a set of limiteds sold at Wonderfest ’08. The other was Molga, which I desire greatly straight-up HAVE. These sold out in seconds, and hit obscene prices on Yahoo Japan (made even more obscene with the Dollar being down the crapper). BUT, Toy-Wave had the Gator on sale a few weeks ago, so patience and despair won out, for once! Since Gator’s legs and inner frame are on the same sprue, they included an extra of that sprue for the dark legs/green frame combo.

Status: SOLD, 10/2013

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First Posted: 2008-06-16

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CP-15 Assault Gatling Unit

I’ve been neglecting the missile box part of this unit, because I find the gun more flexible on its own—it can go almost anywhere! The whole unit is made for Elephander or Blade Liger, though it definitely looks better on the former.

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First Posted: 2008-12-21

EMZ-14 Gator

Sometimes has serial number EMZ-02. I love Gators!

Status: SOLD, 03/2012

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EZ-022 Gator

I got this when it came out in 2000, back when I was a n00b and didn’t trim stickers.

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EZ-065 Dimetrodon

I was going to skip this one, but it was half off, which made me reconsider! Dimetrodon is a fun build, with a surprisingly small number of pieces—only three sprues (plus the famous “W” sprue for tiny guns) and the body halves. There is a lot of detail hidden in this kit, so bust out the Gundam markers. There are also a ton of hardpoints for mounting weapons however you please (I borrowed some extra “W” sprue guns for mine). You could have even more options, if only they’d reissue the connectors from the ultra-rare Empire Custmize Set. In the meantime, I will probably try mounting every CP I have.


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This Gator was a custom order. We didn’t think they’d be able to chrome the head, but they managed. Recently I got a set of shiny Zenebas stickers from Reprolabels.com, which were perfect for this guy. Then I raided my spare parts for a red canopy and some matching caps.


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Gator (OJR/NJR)

Dark bits are from the NJR, silver from the O.G. The remaining pieces formed a combo so hideous I could not even photograph it. This guy was my favorite, before the chromie Gator came along.

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Posted: 2008-07-05

Gator (old version)

Originally I painted the legs gloss black, which I then realized was not the best idea (next time: semi-gloss!). I also stole a clear orange visor from a spare Zillon, when I had this idea of a chrome army—silver, black, with orange glass.


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The Legend of the Brown Reptex

(Spoiler alert! It’s not real.)

Deep within the mists of time (early 2001), there was an auction of a bunch of loose Zoids and Robo Strux kits. Most were in pretty bad shape and the only picture was of the whole lot of them just laying on the scanner. And the quality/resolution: not so good. But there was a curious item—a Reptex, but with faction-switched colors! The bidding went fast and furious (there was also a Cosmozoid in the lot) and quickly reached a price beyond my funding.

A friend of mine who was also outbid ended up contacting the winner and asking about the mystery Zoid. It turns out it was just an OJR Gator that had been left in the sun. Myth: BUSTED!

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