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EZ-074 Deathraser

I was going to show you how not cool the original Dekalt Dragon looked, but I used some of Parablade’s parts for a custom. Deathraser looks good on his own, though. Plus he can do the “Double Deuce”!

Status: SOLD, fall 2007

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First Posted: 2008-06-22

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HMM-015 Iron Kong

For the longest time, people have wanted an HMM Kong. Especially me! But now that it’s out, and I have built it, I’m kind of disappointed, because it did not overcome the worst qualities of HMM kits—the fragility*. I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but this one’s going to require serious amounts of glue just to keep it from shedding armor and fingers every time you look at it.

Pics still to come, if it can survive being photographed (don’t expect any exciting poses; I don’t have the patience). Screw it, just look at Dalong’s pics instead.


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