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2009: Anime 10th Edition-02 Iron Kong

TakaraTomy commemorated the 10th anniversary of the anime by releasing more anime-accurate versions of Ban/Van’s Shield Liger, and this hella sweet Kong belonging to Schwarz/Schubaltz.

Making my own swap was not enough, once I saw the clear green motor and black inner frame. I also finally found a semi-good deal on ebay (although everytime someone buys one, the NEXT one he lists costs $10 more to ship).

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CP-15 Assault Gatling Unit

I’ve been neglecting the missile box part of this unit, because I find the gun more flexible on its own—it can go almost anywhere! The whole unit is made for Elephander or Blade Liger, though it definitely looks better on the former.

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DPZ-01 Dark Horn

Dark Horn was part of the set of “Dark” zoids, who had hella powers and glowy bits. This one’s been reissued about 397 times in the past few years, but none beat the O.G. here.

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EMZ-26 Hammer Rock (with a ton of weapons)

Another YJ bargain. It’s missing the original rockets, and there was shoulder repair done, but otherwise it’s lookin’ good. Since he’s missing the rockets, I thought I’d see how many other weapons could fit. Turns out a lot of weapons fit, and some even look good!

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HMM-009 Saber Tiger Schwalz ver.

Best HMM ever! More to come… someday…

Yeah, so I pull this guy out of storage for display in my new place and… dang. Armor flew off just from looking at it, the rubber ammo belt broke clean off, all the joints were suddenly super loose, a good heapin’ helpin’ of ETC… Screw this kit, screw it hard.

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Iron Kong (Karl’s type)

TakaraTomy commemorated the 10th anniversary of the anime by releasing more anime-accurate versions of certain kits. One of them was the Iron Kong of a certain Germanic colonel who likes gatling guns. The upside: a clear green gearbox, and inclusion of the super ultra mega rare CP-A1 (a sprue of connector parts that lets you affix CPs to Zoids they were not meant for). The downside: too flippin’ expensive, and I don’t like how high the gatling mount sits (neither of which will stop me from trying to get one).

Since I’ve had a PK for a while, I thought I’d try to make my own, via the magic of plastic swapping. I also had a spare hacked CP-03 I didn’t feel guilty about hacking up, since it was already in bad shape, so I thought I’d take a stab at a slightly better gun mount (though still pretty half-assed.)

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M.S.G. #20 Gatling Gun

This is from Kotobukiya’s M.S.G. (Modeling Support Goods) line of weapons and parts. While M.S.G. stuff is made for Giant Human Like Battle Robots, this one can (probably) be used on Zoids, so I’m including it here. Also, I have no other outlet for non-Zoid models. For now, check out the build review and this awesome vidya (which means it’s not mine).


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M.S.G. #20 Gatling Gun (Build Review)

A motorized gatling gun with a totally hidden motor? How did they do it? The answer may surprise you.

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ZED-4 Dark Horn

This is the only ZED I have, because 1) they were overpriced, and 2) it’s a Dark Horn. I managed to find this one for cheap on YJ, but after all the middleman markups it came to about retail. Damn. This one’s a windup, so at least it didn’t cost over 6000 yen (about a million US dollars in today’s economy). Anyway, it looks to be about 1/200 scale, is mostly pre-built (you add the weapons), and comes with three TINY pilots. Sadly it does not glow in the dark, but you can’t have everything.

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Zoids Special Gatling Parts (on LB Red Horn)

I may never find the LB Darkhorn at a sane price, but thanks to a promo trying to get people to buy ZED (Evo Drive) zoids, and MANY thanks to ebay’s apezyap, I got the most important part—the guns.

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