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2003: Proto Gojulas Giga (Toy’s Dream Project)

This one came out in 2003. The preview pics for it were a lot shinier than the actual product, which partly inspired my Giga custom. Limited Buster Cannons (Blox CP-G) SOLD SEPARATELY!

Status: SOLD, fall 2007

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2006-02: Gojulas Giga MK-II (Prototype)

I entered this in Phenotype’s Zoids Forum Contest in February 2006. The initial darthing took forever, because there were just so many pieces to paint. Stickers were a grueling undertaking as well. Also, I did a lot of cutting and drilling. I got the idea from Pheno’s Proto Giga page, where he wished it had more of a prototype feel. This said to me: coil springs! Also, all the preview pics for Proto Giga showed shiny armor, not the dullness we ended up with.

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2006-12: Gojulas Giga MK-II (UPDATE)

I did what I could in the short time I had for the contest, but after that I started looking at it again, and thought about how to fix the things I was still unhappy with. First, I made “dino-accurate” hands by removing the thumbs. I went on a quest for a good three fingered replacement, but it was not to be, so it has tyranno-type hands. Then, I saw WIKD’s custom Giga, which had little guns all along the tail. I decided I would have to do this myself. WIKD sent me some spares, and they worked like a charm. Last, I never liked how Giga’s arms looked like they were flailing madly, so I tried to fix that. I’m almost there…

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RZ-064 Gojulas Giga

Gojulas Giga has a ton of parts, a ton of features, and was an absolute joy to build. Also one of the coolest zoids in my collection. When this one came out (10/2002) it was rumored to be the last new model kit design. Thankfully that wasn’t true.

Status: Customized, Feb 2006


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