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Bio Megaraptor (Glearmd/Holotech)

1-7: This is the combo I didn’t think of, but ended up being the best one.
8-14: This didn’t turn out as nice as I expected (and is a pain to photograph), but it does look good in the dark! (#14 is all glow power, no blacklight.)

Status: SOLD, 08/2015

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First Posted: 2008-06-11

Bio Megaraptor Glearmd

This was the first limited model from the Genesis line. It glows in the dark, and kind of always has a semi glow to it in light. It also comes with a small pvc figure of Char Aznable Zairin, the Megaraptor’s pilot and sometime bad-guy of the series.

Status: SOLD, 08/2015

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First Posted: 2008-05-31

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Bio Megaraptor Holotech (DVD box set special)

To get this guy, you had to buy each of the three Genesis DVD box sets (which each came with a clear hero liger, and cost around $300), then send the proofs of purchase off. Or wait until they hit Yahoo Japan (much cheaper!). The best part of this one (for me) is the clear pilot. I’ve wanted one of those forever! I also got some fun night/blacklight shots.

Status: SOLD, 08/2015

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First Posted: 2008-05-25

GB-001 Bio Megaraptor

Before the Bio Zoids, I would have been annoyed at something that didn’t have a motor and didn’t even look like a zoid, but this was too cool to pass up. #7 was done with a laser pointer. #8-9 are of the handy display stand. Last six (added June 2006): I messed around with some new poses, finally taking advantage of Bio zoids’ flexibility. This one is based on a pose my “special lady” made, which worked out well since this guy’s legs are totally loose now. For a while he sat atop my monitor at work.

Status: SOLD, I don't remember when

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GB-008 Bio Volcano

This was Char Aznable’s Zairin’s mid-season upgrade. It has the same frame as Bio Megs, but the armor is a lot thicker, so it looks beefier and three times more intimidating. All the “crystal shards” don’t hurt either. I can almost never get this guy posed without the assistance of the display stand.

Status: SOLD, 04/2014

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