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Abandoned ideas (2003–05)

Being abandoned swap ideas, all I have are the crappiest pics imaginable. Actually, 6–14 aren’t totally abandoned. I’m hoping that posting these horrible ancient pictures of awesome swaps will shame me into taking better pictures. Seriously, my phone has a better camera than the one that took these.

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EMZ-13 Merda

Sometimes has serial number EMZ-01. The last pic shows the evolution of “raptor-type” zoids!

Status: SOLD, 03/2012

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EMZ-26 Hammer Rock (with a ton of weapons)

Another YJ bargain. It’s missing the original rockets, and there was shoulder repair done, but otherwise it’s lookin’ good. Since he’s missing the rockets, I thought I’d see how many other weapons could fit. Turns out a lot of weapons fit, and some even look good!

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Some versions of this zoid came with a black head, and others came with a grey one. Both of mine came with grey, lucky me. So I borrowed a black one from Zillon, for illustrative purposes. Before I got a Zillon, I wanted something black, so I used the head from a Clawgut (which is actually a Starrior). Pic #4 shows the alternate weapon, for suicidal pilots. The last pic shows the garish stickers that come with all Zoids2 kits, that I choose not to apply.


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1-6: An OJR Merda and a RoboStrux Runna can make an all silver runner. The leftovers make a red/blue oddity.
7-12: Throw a Zoids2 Hellrunner in the mix, and you get these two! The blue/black one almost looks like something that could have come out in the NJR (except that they wouldn’t have bothered to make a black head, with all the silver-grey ones laying around). The red cockpit is from an OJR Sinker, btw.

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This one was featured in the unreleased comic.

Status: SOLD, 03/2011

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