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043 Spinosnapper (Holotech)

For the longest time I’d been sitting on a MIB one of these, but recently I stole its wonderful clear saws, for a custom weapon for Hammer Rock. Then, someone on Pheno’s forum was selling a built one for dirt cheap. Hooray!

Also: Orange! Transparent! Chainsaws!

Status: I KEPT THE DAMN SAWS; Not sold, but gone nonetheless (everything but the damn saws), 07/2014

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First Posted: 2008-06-16

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EZ-015 Iron Kong

Every collection needs an Iron Kong or 10.


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LB-03 Gojulas MK-II

Is it sacrilege that I like the Neoblox Gojulas more than the model kit one, especially this MK-II? The Neo seems a lot less stiff and clunky. The box seems to show an NJR orange cockpit, but the actual kit is OJR smoke. Maybe it’s the “glow” effect?

Status: RAIDED FOR PARTS, long ago

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RZ-058 Megaleon/Chameleor

Hasbro Chameleor, aka Megaleon in the NJR. This one came out in 2002, but I didn’t know until very recently that it had clear parts, or I would have gotten it a lot sooner. The last pic is an attempt at the ol’ action shot that the boxes always have.

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My Tarantulon was missing the fangly guns, so I used the leftover Shield Liger guns from Blade Liger BI. Phenotype sent me an extra set along with an auction I won, so I didn’t have to worry about hacking up my set. Hoo-ah! I think I like these guns better, but I’d still like to get some originals (for completeness’ sake).

Status: Raided for parts / Not sold, but gone nonetheless, 07/2014

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