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Baratz (Genesis 2005)

Here are a few pieces from the Baratz series. I don’t have any of the others, because they were expensive as crap to get. There were 13 Baratz in all: six designs, each with two colors, and then the obligatory “chase” figure.

Status: ALL SOLD, 03/2011, 08/2011, 09/2013

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Custom Blox

These came out in early 2006, along with the first Neo Blox (with which they can combine). The theory is that they were originally to be released as “Baratz 2: Electric Boogaloo”, but got postponed until the Neo Blox release for whatever reason.

Status: SOLD (Harpers), 03/2011

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The One Blox (vol.1)

These came out at the end of 2004. So named because they consist of pvc rubber bits surrounding a single core blox. Unfortunately, the blox(es?) they used are knockoff-quality, and not as secure as the regular ones. A set called “The Gacha” (which I don’t have) came out at the same time, consisting of repaints of Vol 1. Pic #9 is Victory Liger, which was a limited edition piece that came with a video game.

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