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(Blue) Hydrazoid

This is my favorite windup by far. Back when I got this (in 1999), they were hell of rare and I paid through the nasal passages. They pop up every so often, though.

Status: MERRY CHRISTMAS, ZM, 12/2009

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First Posted: 2008-06-11

(Blue) Hydrazoid (Build Review)

OK, not so much a review as it is some highlights of the neato workings. This is because I’m lazy.

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Posted: 2009-03-09

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GRZ-004 Dark Nessios

A big part of the Rebirth line seems to be re-tooling and updating old designs. This one takes Brachios and makes it into a plesiosaur, which in turn makes me very happy. In the ancient times (2001), a hobby magazine showed a Brachios-to-Plesio kitbash (one, two), so I’ve been hoping for an official bash for some time. In other news, Hydrazoid is sad at not being the coolest (and only) plesiozoid anymore.

The only bummer to this kit (besides not being a real swimmer) is that there are no eyes on the new head. The ones on the box are ’shopped. I cut off some extra bits from the purple sprue to make mine.

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