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(Blue) Hydrazoid

This is my favorite windup by far. Back when I got this (in 1999), they were hell of rare and I paid through the nasal passages. They pop up every so often, though.

Status: MERRY CHRISTMAS, ZM, 12/2009

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First Posted: 2008-06-11

(Blue) Hydrazoid (Build Review)

OK, not so much a review as it is some highlights of the neato workings. This is because I’m lazy.

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Posted: 2009-03-09

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040 War Shark (Holotech)

The clear plastic on this one was even more brittle than usual, and the pegs that hold the feets did not survive my last move without a dab of super glue. Still, Holo-fishy wins points for being the most “holotech’d” of the line (but it would have been nice to have smoky grey boosters too). As with all my holos, I had to get this from a contact in Australia.

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There were two variants of this kit, but since I never look in the box, I keep forgetting which one I have. I picked it up in a tiny shop in Seattle’s Chinatown (ahem, International) district back in 2001 and haven’t had a chance to open it since.

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EHI-01 Wardick

Another “swimmer”! Back in ’95, this one’s name was a source of endless giggles for my younger brothers. This one and Guysack…

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First Posted: 2008-05-30

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EMZ-19 Sinker

A Zenebas “swimmer”. The tanks help keep it afloat, and a tiny propeller in back… propels it.

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EZ-032 Sinker

OMG, they killed Steve Irwin! YOU BASTARDS!

Status: SOLD, 03/2011

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First Posted: 2008-07-04

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RMZ-10 Furolesios

Mint in Box! I never thought I’d get this one, but somehow it was totally ignored on ebay and I got it for $36! See OER Hydrazoid for a built one.


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Sinker (OJR/NJR)

As soon as I got theNJR Sinker (back in 2000), I made these swaps. I think I like the silver one better. Due to slight mold differences, the back vent piece is incredibly difficult to remove, post swap.

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Posted: 2008-07-05

Unnamed frog type

It really swims, though I’ve never had the courage to test it myself. The tanks have a piece of styrofoam in them to make them float (see pic #4). Known as RMZ-05 Aquadon (OJR), or Aquazoid (OER), or “frog looking thing” here.

Status: SOLD, 03/2012

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