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2015-09-23: More fire, more sale

So I’m very slowly listing almost everything on the electronic bay. VERY SLOWLY. Taking all those pictures on my potatophone, cleaning up the pictures, finding boxes, measuring and weighing the boxes, doing the writeup… such a pain. I only have the energy to do a few a week, so if there’s anything of interest you can probably still catch me in time.

Otherwise, here’s that link again:

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Posted: 2015-09-23

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MZ002 EMZ-026 Hammer Rock

In: Unsorted Forever
Last Modified: 2015-02-10
First Posted: 2013-08-08

So I’m probably the last person on earth to post pics of this guy. I took most of these a month and a half ago, when my special lady was doing some tiny gardening. I also wanted to test the camera on my new pocket computer phone. Quick review, because I’m, like, busy and stuff: […]

HMM-033 Berserk Führer

In: 2000s Misc Releases > Kotobukiya HMM
Last Modified: 2013-09-24
First Posted: 2013-02-21

Hello from the future! At long last there are some pics! It’ll still be a while before I get a full on review, so here’s the short-ish one: VERY FEW COMPLAINTS, IF ANY.

Robot Anti Transformation Squad (the Japanese line)

In: Distant Cousins of Zoids > R.A.T.S.
Posted: 2012-06-10

All I have from the Japanese line is Mauses. I know nothing about him, except that he looks like a beefed up Hotshot, and there is no equivalent in any of the other toylines. He’s supposed to walk, but mine doesn’t. Probably why I got it so cheap.

Robot Anti Terror Squad (the European line)

In: Distant Cousins of Zoids > R.A.T.S.
Last Modified: 2015-12-07
First Posted: 2012-06-10

I only have two of these, but they are definitely sweet.


In: Distant Cousins of Zoids > Starriors
Last Modified: 2015-12-07
First Posted: 2012-06-10

These guys are tiny and cute, and have pull-back motors. They also have spring loaded claws, for the gripping of things.


In: Distant Cousins of Zoids > Starriors
Last Modified: 2015-12-07
First Posted: 2012-06-10

These little guys have pull-back motors, for the zooming around. Note that the toys’ colors are different from their comic book depictions. Also, I have discovered my Thinktank has the wrong accessory colors.

M.S.G. #26 Dynamic Chain Saw

In: Everything Else > Weapons/Armor/Etc
Last Modified: 2013-09-23
First Posted: 2012-05-07

I’m combining the regular post and the build review, just because. Is this one more fun to play with than the gatling gun? The answer may surprise you.

The Zoido Hall of Shame

In: Unsorted Forever
Last Modified: 2012-06-07
First Posted: 2012-01-11

In which I post screenshots of almost every iteration of this site, all the way back to the beginning of time.

Abandoned ideas (2003–05)

In: Customized Zoids > Plastic Swaps
Last Modified: 2012-01-10
First Posted: 2012-01-06

Being abandoned swap ideas, all I have are the crappiest pics imaginable. Actually, 6–14 aren’t totally abandoned. I’m hoping that posting these horrible ancient pictures of awesome swaps will shame me into taking better pictures. Seriously, my phone has a better camera than the one that took these.

037 Ultrasaurus

In: 2nd Worldwide Release > Hasbro Variants
Posted: 2012-01-05

I’m putting this up mostly for historical completeness. Anyway, the Hasbro one’s big difference was that spacers were added to make its body wider, I guess because of US safety standards or something. Eventually this bugged me enough that I sold it. I think I was going to put the money toward a proper NJR, […]

From an old magazine

In: Customized Zoids > Found/Acquired
Posted: 2011-12-25

I have no idea where these came from or what the deal is. Someone sent me a few pages from an old (80s) Japanese magazine, and these were on one of the pages. I imagine it was some kind of contest. I also totally forgot to repost these when I moved everything to WordPress.

M.S.G. #20 Gatling Gun (Build Review)

In: Everything Else > Weapons/Armor/Etc
Last Modified: 2011-04-13
First Posted: 2011-04-12

A motorized gatling gun with a totally hidden motor? How did they do it? The answer may surprise you.

M.S.G. #20 Gatling Gun

In: Everything Else > Weapons/Armor/Etc
Last Modified: 2012-05-03
First Posted: 2011-04-12

This is from Kotobukiya’s M.S.G. (Modeling Support Goods) line of weapons and parts. While M.S.G. stuff is made for Giant Human Like Battle Robots, this one can (probably) be used on Zoids, so I’m including it here. Also, I have no other outlet for non-Zoid models. For now, check out the build review and this […]

EZ-044 Zabat

In: 2nd Worldwide Release > Guylos/Neo Zenebas
Last Modified: 2011-09-13
First Posted: 2011-04-11

I decided to use some of my fire sale profits to restore my NJR Zabat that gave up its life in a parts swap. This one is from Academy, which released Zoids in Korea. (The kit’s colors are identical to the NJR, and so is the packaging—except for Korean text instead of Japanese.)

Brass pilot

In: Customized Zoids > Found/Acquired
Last Modified: 2016-06-17
First Posted: 2011-04-11

Blast from the past! A guy named Card (from the Zoidfans Yahoo group made this back in 2003. I forgot about it until just recently (March, 2011) when it fell out of a Zoid I was about to sell. It looks almost exactly like a chrome pilot, but it has an actual weight to it. […]

GZ-006 Zabat (Build Review)

In: 2000s Misc Releases > Genesis
Last Modified: 2011-03-21
First Posted: 2011-03-16

This review has only one thing to mention, but it’s an important one.

EZ-063 Guntiger

In: 2nd Worldwide Release > Guylos/Neo Zenebas
Last Modified: 2013-07-19
First Posted: 2011-03-03

Just making this post to show that I have two of these MIB, if anyone’s interested. I think they were the Pacific release, because they have a Tomy logo instead of Hasbro, and there is a sticker with Chinese writing on the back.

EZ-012 Brachios(aur)

In: 2nd Worldwide Release > Guylos/Neo Zenebas
Last Modified: 2012-06-06
First Posted: 2011-03-03

I have one of these MIB, if anyone’s interested. Fun fact: this almost always shows up on ebay listings as “Grachiosaur”. Hasbro font fail!

EZ-061 Killer Dome

In: 2nd Worldwide Release > Guylos/Neo Zenebas
Last Modified: 2012-03-31
First Posted: 2011-03-03

Dark Spiner’s crabby friend! Snappy claws and spinning dome can also be activated by rolling across the floor.

Horn Swaps

In: Customized Zoids > Plastic Swaps
Last Modified: 2011-01-14
First Posted: 2011-01-08

So far, all I have here is Dark Horn / Green Horn. I used to put the black parts from an NJR Red Horn on Dark Horn’s armor, but trying to get pictures was impossible. Not enough contrast. This would have also looked a lot better if the Dark Horn parts didn’t have those distinctive […]

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    • Ash: If you couldn’t tell from my email, I’m a HUGE ZOIDS fan, too! Great pics! Keep on ZOIDin’!
  • 2015-03-06: Does anyone know…
    • Wingpad: No but it is sad to see it gone, I suspect their hosting or domain name finally expired :'(
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  • HMM-033 Berserk Führer
    • DarkZero: Picture #5 reminds me SO MUCH of this: ?1
    • RCM: @Will: these don’t require glue, but there are some pretty small parts, so watch out for those. Some parts on these kits aren’t held together the best and could use some glue,...
  • HMM-015 Iron Kong
    • RCM: @Steven: you can’t show someone giving the middle finger on a kid’s show in the US. Or any show. It’ll get blurred out on adult shows. Because of our delicate sensibilities.
    • Steven Dolce: What do you mean when you said “that would totally not fly on a kid’s show in the US”?
  • The Zoido Hall of Shame
    • RCM: @thecurrymaster: in case you were wondering… Raising Arizona is one of my favorite movies
    • thecurrymaster: Zoids ’n shit was the best -_-
  • EZ-047 Maccurtis
    • RCM: @thecurrymaster: Not at all! Use any pics you want; just give a link back to the site and I’m happy.
    • thecurrymaster: I’m using the pictures here for the zoids wiki, I hope you don’t mind C:
  • Yujin figures gashapon set
    • RCM: @Alex: I found them on Yahoo Japan, but that was over ten years ago, and they were pretty rare even then.
    • Alex: Where the heck did you find these! I need that Zeek and/or shadow so bad.
  • Gilvader/Gildragon
    • DarkZero: Good to know that Barbie got that Gilvader she always wanted ^_^’ -content/uploads/ g
    • RCM: @DarkZero: this dude did just that, and it looks as weird as you can imagine. I don’t know how long this link will stay where it is (stuff is always moving and/or disappearing on that...
  • ZA-03 Z-Knight (Toy’s Dream Project reissue)
    • RCM: @Oshboggy: “stupid sexy Flanders”. But yeah, something happened between concept art and prototype. Status of HMM Z-Knight money: buying records instead!
    • Oshboggy: I just saw the HMM Z-Knight proto. I take back all my love. “Slimmer aesthetic might fit Z-Knights better” my *bleep*. The bloody thing has the waist of a 12 yo girl,...
  • KZ-01 Liger Zero (King of Flexible Mobile)
    • RCM: @Alex: a very sharp x-acto knife and a ton of patience!
    • Alex: How’d you get the stickers cut so perfectly?!
  • Demon Lizard
    • RCM: @Jerred: there is not much I can do with that information.