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2011-08-24: The Fire Sale is back on!

Kind of. Most of my crap is still in storage, so I can only go searchin’ once a week or so. With that in mind, DON’T WASTE MY TIME! Example: Don’t ask for, like, half my collection, and then hit me with a “but I don’t have any money, herp derp” (true story). I will become so mad.

Anyway, check these tags. If it doesn’t have one of these, you can probably have it:

(Unless I change my mind and decide I still want something, in which case: SORRY)

Email offers to glidoler on the inter-nets mail system of Gmail (dot com). Or leave a comment somewhere. Note: if you leave a comment on a post, it won’t show up immediately or at all, because I screen first—too much spam.

Read the Original Fire Sale post too, since its rules still apply.


Posted: 2011-08-24

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