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2012-01-11: Oh snap, a redesign?

Well, I did it. After a year or so of thinking about it, and many many late nights, I finally redesigned this damn thing. For all the work I put into it, things sure don’t look all that different, but here’s a quick tour, anyway. In list form:

  • Whatever the newest post is (Zoids posts, news posts, “meta” stuff), it will appear at the top of the front page. For visibility and all that.
  • Under that: recent Zoids posts, links to the last few news posts, recent comments, new/updated pics (lots of them).
  • It looks better on bigger screens, but probably not as good on tiny (less than 1024×768) screens.
  • More thick black lines, because I wanted them!
  • I redid all the random corner images (because I lost the original Photoshop file), and added a couple more.
  • I added more randomly changing stuff (the corner, banner, and footer backgrounds change color every time you load a page).
  • I added a bunch of crazy CSS3 stuff. (Round corners! Shadows!)
  • Hopefully the design is cleaner? HA!
  • Probably a ton of bugs in Internet Exploder (I am pretty sure I don’t want to know about these).
  • Still no new content!

There are still a few lingering things that annoy me, so I’ll get to those in, uhh, two years. Also, I changed the name to “…and Stuff” partly because I’m trying not to use so many dang cusswords on my sites, but mostly because of Ron Swanson.


Posted: 2012-01-11

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