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2014-01-06: New Year’s resolutions (that I will totally break)

In this year of our Zoid, 2014, I resolve to…

  1. Fix the stupid gallery thing
    At some point while upgrading wordpress (3.0?), I was horrified to discover they changed the way they handle uploading/sorting images. You used to be able to control what order they appeared, without using that butt-awful “gallery” shortcode. No more. Now it’s just whatever order you uploaded them, which SUUUUUCKS if you replace an image later. So now I have to write my own override of that butt-awful “gallery” shortcode.
  2. Make the site look all pretty on phones and stuff
    Wave of the future and all that.
  3. About a million other things
    Basically anything to put off having to…
  4. …Take and actually upload pics
    Man, that’s a pain, you know?

As usual, don’t hold your breath.

Also, keep buying (most of) my stuff!

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Posted: 2014-01-06

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