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BZ-014 Deantler

I got this one because I wanted to try the fusion with Storch, and also because Toy-Wave had them on sale for $2. Unfortunately, after trying to assemble the guy I still feel like I paid too much. This is one of a few kits (along with the Storm bros.) that had a really bad production run, making the maroon plastic incredibly brittle. So brittle I didn’t even have to cut the pieces off the sprue; just press gently. The head halves broke when I tried to put them together, so I ended up just gluing it. The “second head” (the one that’s used in the Storch fusion) shattered when I tried to attach it to the blox connector peg. The Storch mount is still ok (for now), but I’m worried.


Last Modified: 2009-10-05

First Posted: 2008-07-03

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  1. FR77 said:

    I want to get one because it looks funny. and i think the storch fusion looks cool but the horns only come in tan(?) and clear pink. I guess some paint could fix that but clear plastic makes me happy.

    May 10th, 2010 at 6:42 pm | #

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