2000s Misc Releases


This decade is filled with short runs and placeholders and false alarms (I’m looking at you, Rebirth Century).


2004. Fuzors seemed like a placeholder line to keep zoids in the minds of customers until Genesis was ready. All the models were recolors, though some were bundled together with extra parts to facilitate “fuzing”—the mashing up of two perfectly fine zoids into something hideous. At least there were some cool limiteds in this line…


2005. The Genesis series came out in spring 2005 and was accompanied by a 50 episode anime that takes place 1000 years after a cataclysmic event on planet Zi. Most of the kits were recolors of recent designs, though a few had new parts added, or entirely new designs. And then there was the Bio Zoids. Love them or hate them (most choose the latter), Tomy had never come up with anything like them before.

Neo/Legend Blox

2006. This was a slightly disappointing line, especially coupled with the lack of motorized releases, so this will be a small page. They use a new, improved “blox” system that is better articulated, and less blocky. Sadly, the Neo Blox kits all look incredibly skinny. Also unfortunate is the excessive repackaging/recoloring of the few basic kits. The Legend Blox part of the line is more interesting: mini articulated versions of classic models.

Kotobukiya HMM

Zoids Evo Drive (ZED)

2007. Too expensive to live! If you win the lottery or find a good deal, they’re pretty neat for such a small package (I’m guessing about 1/200 scale, perfect for fighting with your HCM-Pro figures).

Monthly Zoids Graphics

2008. For the collectors, yo. Super-deluxe packaging of rare and/or classic OJR kits. They come with booklets full of wonderful pictures and text that I would love to have translated.

Rebirth Century

2008. Reissues, re-tooling of classic Zoids, brand new designs (with motors!) and who knows what else… (Note: “what else” turned out to be ANOTHER LONG DORMANT PERIOD.)