2000s Misc Releases

Rebirth Century

2008. Reissues, re-tooling of classic Zoids, brand new designs (with motors!) and who knows what else… (Note: “what else” turned out to be ANOTHER LONG DORMANT PERIOD.)

GRZ-002 Gil Vader

Box damage, half price, woot! That and finally being able to do the awesome swap would have been good news enough, but it turns out the original color scheme is pretty wicked. I never knew the purple parts had a metallic flake finish. And the clear red is beautiful.

Status: SOLD, 04/2014

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GRZ-004 Dark Nessios

A big part of the Rebirth line seems to be re-tooling and updating old designs. This one takes Brachios and makes it into a plesiosaur, which in turn makes me very happy. In the ancient times (2001), a hobby magazine showed a Brachios-to-Plesio kitbash (one, two), so I’ve been hoping for an official bash for some time. In other news, Hydrazoid is sad at not being the coolest (and only) plesiozoid anymore.

The only bummer to this kit (besides not being a real swimmer) is that there are no eyes on the new head. The ones on the box are ’shopped. I cut off some extra bits from the purple sprue to make mine.

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GRZ-013 Gul Tiger GC

Words are coming, but for now here are some pics I took to test out my new lens.

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HRZ-001 King Gojulas

Perhaps you’ve heard of the quality control issues with the King’s motor. If not, let me tell you: BEWARE! Many people are reporting that their motors do not work properly or at all, right out of the box. A sampling of problems: head won’t turn, arms won’t expand, motor won’t turn off, lights don’t work, purchase of kit didn’t make me more popular with ladies…

Status: Zoidmagnite gets first dibs

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HRZ-010 Tiga Godos

In the Rebirth line, ol’ Godos got two upgrades! (Tiga means three in Malaysian, and we all know what Dos means, right?). A big part of the fun of this kit is the new motor, as you can see here. The other big thing (introduced in Dos Godos) is the choice to be motorized or poseable. It’s not 100% awesome (some bugs still need ironed out), but it’s definitely a good start.

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HRZ-010 Tiga Godos (“Dos” mode)

Since I don’t have the funds to get the Dos Godos, and Tiga has all the required parts, I’m having it fill in. And since the TS motor is being borrowed by all my other windups, I’m using a windup motor from Spinosapper.


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TS (Thruster System) Motor

This motor is one of new developments from the Rebirth Century line. It consists of a reworked windup-sized gearbox and an external battery pack. Official releases with this motor are Barigator TS, Tiga Godos, and the super-rare Merda TS (a “Guylos” colored limited).

SO, I wanted to see how many Zoids could use this motor, without any darthing (or visible darthing, in the case of Snipe Master).


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