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Monthly Zoids Graphics

2008. For the collectors, yo. Super-deluxe packaging of rare and/or classic OJR kits. They come with booklets full of wonderful pictures and text that I would love to have translated.

Vol. 05 Twinhorn

I bet that dude on ebay who’s been trying to sell a case of OJR Twinhorns for so long is pist now! I panel-lined it, because otherwise the details on the red parts would be totally lost. The “present” for Vol. 5 is… a square. Specifically, one of the plates from the Diorama base sets, or Gustav’s trailers. Color me “meh”.

Status: SOLD (bonus parts), 10/2013; Not sold, but gone nonetheless (the rest), 07/2014

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Vol. 07 Sea Panther

Sea Panther (poor romanization for Panzer?) is one of the most anticipated reissues in the Graphics line. It pretty much sold out instantly, leaving lots of people in the lurch, preorders be damned. Thankfully they’re doing another run in December, but those could go just as quickly. And with good reason: Sea Panther has never been reissued, and the original is hellllllla rare. The mechanism is totally awesome—it rolls along, while all the legs move about creepily. For being one-piece legs, the movement is nice and fluid. The bonus “present” in this set is the gun sprue from Remodel Set No. 1.

The only bummer to be found: if you like applying stickers, you will be saddened by the quality of the foil sticker sheet. I ended up using stickers from spare OJR sheets.


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Vol. 08 Puterasu

So far, this one’s staying MIB until I can make more shelf room. I did take out the bonus “present” for this set, though. It’s the other sprue from Remodel Set No. 1!

Status: SOLD, 11/2015

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First Posted: 2008-10-22

Vol. 09 Hammer Rock

MIB (for now), but having this guy means I can make a custom out of my incomplete OJR one! The “Present” is Figure Set #1 (Terrestrial Soldiers).

Status: BONUS PARTS SOLD, 10/2013

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Vol. 10 Lidier

This funny looking lion type used to be rarer than rocking horse poops until now. These Graphics kits have been pretty limited, though, so it could return to such rarity soon. The “present” for Vol. 10 is the two sprues from Figure Set No. 2 (Empire Soldiers). Empire soldiers are giants among men.

Status: SOLD, 10/2013

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