Fire Sale

TL;DR: Everything you wanted to know

(This is all info compiled from the various news posts, all of which should be considered obsolete.)

The first rule of Fire Sale is

You do not talk about Fire Sale make an offer.

The second rule of Fire Sale is

You make an offer! Seriously. I have been out of the loop for so long that I don’t know what these things are worth. Half the time I just look on ebay, and charge half of the average MIB. I’m more interested in freeing up space and getting these things to a “good home” than making money. (One does not simply make money selling their beat up old zoids.)

If you want something…

There are a few ways to let me know:

  1. Leave a comment on the item(s) in question. Note: if you leave a comment on a post, it won’t show up immediately or at all, because I screen first—I get too much spam to leave that stuff open.
  2. Email questions/offers to glidoler on the inter-nets mail system of Gmail (dot com).
  3. PM me on one of the forums I’m on, and then I’ll see it three months later when I remember that PMs are a thing that people do.
  4. Think really hard about the item(s) in question, and perhaps my spider-sense will tingle.

I apologize in advance if I am slow to reply. I’m pretty busy and stuff. At least all my crap’s out of storage, so I only have to go a few feet to check the status of something.

Shut up and take my money, you say?

OK, as long as it is paypal (I’ll eat the damn fees, don’t worry) or money order only. No checks, and obviously no trades!

I ship anywhere, because you’re paying for it. Unlike 99% of ebay, I am not trying to get my profit by screwing you on shipping. I usually end up undercharging because I am not very good at figuring things out.

Don’t be “that guy”

Don’t ask for, like, half my collection, and then hit me with a “but I don’t have any money, herp derp, can I pay you $20 a week forever” (true story). I will become so mad.

Appendix A: Regarding availability of items

Please consult the following tags, to see if something is available.

If a post doesn’t have one of these tags, or a similarly worded red status label, I probably forgot about it. So ask.

Also check the electronic bay.

Appendix B: Regarding condition of items

If a post has one of these tags, it’s bad news.

  • Sun Damage (as little as three seconds of sun exposure is all it takes)
  • Missing Pieces (damn you, shag carpet)
  • Piss Whiff (storage was unkind to some of these guys)
  • Hamhands (I was unkind to some of these guys)

If it doesn’t have one of these tags, it could still be bad news and I just don’t know it yet.

Appendix C: Some other things to consider

  • I wouldn’t bother with customs or HMMs, because they either suck (customs) or will totally disintegrate during shipping (both). Also regarding HMMs: the polycaps seem to loosen over time, and rubber bits tend to melt or go weird. Fantastic!
  • Very few of my zoids have boxes or stickers, and many don’t have instructions (unless I miraculously find that stash). Some have stickers applied (see pics). The Genesis ones have the worst stickers ever.
  • I used to live with a smoker, so there may be some stinkage. Hopefully not much, since everything’s been boxed away for so long, but FAIR WARNING TO HYPERSENSITIVE NOSES, just in case!