A List of Links and Stuff

Help me help you

I update this page about once a year, because it is ten pains in the ass to check/hunt down links, because you people keep disappearing. STAY IN ONE PLACE PLZ!!#&%@!^&


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Getting the Zoids

1. Stores

These are my main sources. There are others I hit every so often, which I’ll add eventually.

2. Japanese auctions

Sometimes it’s the only way to get that limited.

3. And so on…

This didn’t fit anywhere else, but is useful nonetheless.

Homepages and Such


These aren’t very active anymore, but hopefully will resume someday…

The following sites are not in english, O NOES!

Not so Zoid related

…but still of interest!


English Homepages

Japanese pages

Keeping these up on the off chance they’ll come back, or someone knows where they went…