80s/90s Misc Releases


What was going on outside Japan in the 80s and 90s—Zoids invade the world!

Original American Release

1981–82. The first American release, and the testing ground for the OJR in 1983. I had most of these when I was a young pup.

Robo Strux

1984–85. Another shot at the fickle US market. A lot of people don’t like the color schemes, but I think they’re pretty sweet.

Original European Release

Mid 80s. Europeans got a full blown story line with their release, as well as a unified color scheme: Red vs. Blue. I don’t have many of these, because the auctions are always in Pounds, which make them hell of expensive in worthless US dollars.


Early 90s. Chrome + Krazy Kolors. What is there not to love?

Techno Zoids

1994. Zoids in America, take 3. In 1994, Kenner released Techno Zoids. In 1995, they were on clearance shelves for as low as a dollar for windups and $3–5 for the big ones. Think about that the next time an Evil Pegasus sells on ebay for $300 or more… and weep!