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2015-09-23: More fire, more sale

So I’m very slowly listing almost everything on the electronic bay. VERY SLOWLY. Taking all those pictures on my potatophone, cleaning up the pictures, finding boxes, measuring and weighing the boxes, doing the writeup… such a pain. I only have the energy to do a few a week, so if there’s anything of interest you can probably still catch me in time.

Otherwise, here’s that link again:

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Posted: 2015-09-23

2015-03-06: Does anyone know…

…what happened to Zoidspoison?

(Says the guy who has similarly fallen off the face of the earth)

Posted: 2015-03-06

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2015-02-10: Hi, everybody!

So 2014 was kind of a massive parade of poop. Maybe 2015 will be less so? If you’ve inquired about anything in the past few months, I will get back to you.

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Posted: 2015-02-10

2014-01-06: New Year’s resolutions (that I will totally break)

In this year of our Zoid, 2014, I resolve to…

  1. Fix the stupid gallery thing
    At some point while upgrading wordpress (3.0?), I was horrified to discover they changed the way they handle uploading/sorting images. You used to be able to control what order they appeared, without using that butt-awful “gallery” shortcode. No more. Now it’s just whatever order you uploaded them, which SUUUUUCKS if you replace an image later. So now I have to write my own override of that butt-awful “gallery” shortcode.
  2. Make the site look all pretty on phones and stuff
    Wave of the future and all that.
  3. About a million other things
    Basically anything to put off having to…
  4. …Take and actually upload pics
    Man, that’s a pain, you know?

As usual, don’t hold your breath.

Also, keep buying (most of) my stuff!

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Posted: 2014-01-06

2013-09-17: HMM BF Teaser Pics

So I’ve had this guy for nearly a year and haven’t done any pics? Not quite true. I did a few earlier in the summer. They’re still on my camera. Here is a teaser. (more…)

2013-08-28: It’s a little more on than it was before (BUMPAN)

So I’m frantically removing everything from ziplock bags, and it’s driving me crazy. Buy my non-smelly stuff. Buy the smelly stuff too.

Anyway, I compiled all the information you could ever want to know regarding fires and sales, and it is right here (and up in the top navigation):

Let me stand next to your Fire Sale

Have fun, and keep your fingers crossed for no piss-whiff!


Posted: 2013-08-28

2013-07-06: I learned something very important this week

I found out what happens to certain off-brand ziplock baggies when left to their own devices:

Now I am frantically replacing all my baggies with paper towels, and isolating anything infected with piss whiff until I can figure out how to get rid of that smell (I’m hoping whatever cures smoker’s house whiff also cures piss whiff).

And then in two years I’ll discover that paper towels degrade in such a way that they cause poo whiff.

It’s things like this that make me tempted to give almost everything* away to the first person who shows up at my door with a van and a couple hundred dollars. I live in Illinois, by the way, so plan your trip accordingly.


*Most Kongs and clear things are off the menu.

2013-06-18: I probably broke some stuff

So instead of taking pictures, I…

  1. I did my periodic “damn, I’m old; time to make the fonts bigger” update. I did it really quick and dirty, so something could be wonky somewhere.
  2. I also did a thing where if you scroll down far enough, the menu stays at the top. I didn’t really test it except in the latest FF and chrome, so if it’s wonky in IE… serves you right!

One day, I’d like to make this look good on “mobile devices”, like I (sort of) did on Partly for the attainment of skills, but mostly because I now do 87% of my internetting on my beautiful beautiful phone, while lying in bed trying to fall asleep.


Posted: 2013-06-18

2013-03-27: There is no need to be upset

So for some reason I decided to revisit one of the most frustrating kits I’ve ever built:

Probably because a certain variant is coming out this summer, and I am powerless to resist those colors. Also, this kit has an extensive inner frame (at the time that was still pretty rare in HMMs… maybe it still is), and the red and “weird tan” colors used will make it look disturbingly like a skinned gorilla if it’s built without any armor. So, you know. Science!

I’m sure my jimmies will get thoroughly rustled by this kit (again), so I have prepared myself.

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Posted: 2013-03-27

2013-02-11: Moving again

And you know what that means: time to hamhand everything to pieces while trying to disassemble them for “safe” packing. Ha! This year’s victim: a damn Kong.

So those painted shoulder pieces—when you put them on, they stay put on! Ironically, I was being extra careful with this one, since I got a mild stress fracture on the other side trying to pry it apart. After much gentle prying, this one came undone too fast for my hamhands to react, and then…


Interestingly enough, they JUST announced a HMM Karl-Kong. It’s almost glorious enough to make me forget about the horrible experience I had with the first HMM Kong. Almost. If there is some kind of announcement of improving the problems of the first one (like they did with the Geno Saurer variants), I may have to start saving. Until then…

Remember when I built a HMM Berserk Führer? Wasn’t that fun? Yeah, I still don’t have pics or a review up.

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Posted: 2013-02-11

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2012-11-02: Mystery Solved!

The “Starrior Thing” finally has a name! Check out the comments thread for box pics of the… 4 in 1 Motorized Galactic Walker, from Radio Shack.

Thanks, Professor Dire!


Posted: 2012-11-03

2012-10-10: I’m sure everyone already knows this, but…

Remember Zoids? They’re back, in pog form! Wait, no. But they are coming back in 1/144 scale (like a certain Giant Human Like Battle Robots model line):

The name of the line is Modelers Spirit Series (MSS), by TomyTec instead of the TakaraTomy mothership. I wonder if the very generic name means there will be other, um, properties in the line. Kind of like how Robot Spirits does it. I don’t know what else Tomy owns that would fit in that line, though.

Anyway, start saving now, because these little bastards aren’t going to be cheap and the exchange rates are still bad if you’re paying in worthless US dollars. I probably could have resisted, but they had to do a Hammer Rock. And of course I just love Mini-mes.

Thanks to the Zoidspoison gang for keeping me in the loop!

Posted: 2012-10-10

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2012-09-01: Kotobukiya, why are you doing this to me?

So I know I said NEVER AGAIN, but just look at this thing. Look at it! If you didn’t look, “this thing” is the HMM Berserk Führer in all its glory. It even looks pretty good without the ton of touchup painting these things usually need. I just want to paint it pink and teal.

Wanted: English language reviews clarifying whether it will totally explode ALL of its armor and limbs or just MOST of its armor and limbs.

Posted: 2012-09-01

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2012-07-21: Things I am not looking forward to doing, part 1025284782

So now that it’s 2012 and almost everyone has much bigger monitors and fast inter-net connections, it occurred to me that I should probably think about replacing all my now-tiny-looking pictures on this site. I mainly thought about this, because I will do literally anything to put off clearing out the “need pics” tag. Not to mention all the draft posts, and posts in my head that don’t even have drafts yet.

I also wish I could make that stupid “no pingbacks/trackbacks” thing on single posts go away, unless there’s an actual pingback/trackback.


Posted: 2012-07-21

2012-06-10: Hi, everybody!

Today I realized that I never finished moving over the Starriors/R.A.T.S. stuff from my pre-wordpress site. So now I have done that.

OK, so there wasn’t that much more to move, but…

PS—I’m probably not willing to part with anything Starriors/R.A.T.S.-related just yet, or ever. There is either strong nostalgia or rarity at play here. I’ll mark the individual posts in like seven months or something.


Posted: 2012-06-10

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2012-05-03: The people who brought you…

…the windup gatling gun have just brought you (and me) a damn windup chainsaw! It looks pretty sweet, for not being orange and transparent.

If you don’t want to wait six months for a review, I suggest you go here, or here. One thing I can tell you right now: I don’t think the windup motor is compatible with the TS motor.

Posted: 2012-05-03

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2012-04-12: Fire Sale’s on hold for a while

Too much stuff going on. I can’t concentrate on things like figuring out what to charge, or where the stuff is, or packing and shipping of the stuff.


So, how about that HMM Berserk Fuhrer that’s coming out? If there’s one thing that would tempt me to come back—even after the Iron Kong Fiasco (and my general case of hamhands)—it’d be this one. BUT there’s no way in space-hell I can afford that thing. It’ll probably be one of those 7800 yen bastards, and with shipping and conversion rates, I’d be paying well over $100 for something that I could very well ruin and/or be severely disappointed in.


Posted: 2012-04-12

2012-01-11: Oh snap, a redesign?

Well, I did it. After a year or so of thinking about it, and many many late nights, I finally redesigned this damn thing. For all the work I put into it, things sure don’t look all that different, but here’s a quick tour, anyway. In list form:

  • Whatever the newest post is (Zoids posts, news posts, “meta” stuff), it will appear at the top of the front page. For visibility and all that.
  • Under that: recent Zoids posts, links to the last few news posts, recent comments, new/updated pics (lots of them).
  • It looks better on bigger screens, but probably not as good on tiny (less than 1024×768) screens.
  • More thick black lines, because I wanted them!
  • I redid all the random corner images (because I lost the original Photoshop file), and added a couple more.
  • I added more randomly changing stuff (the corner, banner, and footer backgrounds change color every time you load a page).
  • I added a bunch of crazy CSS3 stuff. (Round corners! Shadows!)
  • Hopefully the design is cleaner? HA!
  • Probably a ton of bugs in Internet Exploder (I am pretty sure I don’t want to know about these).
  • Still no new content!

There are still a few lingering things that annoy me, so I’ll get to those in, uhh, two years. Also, I changed the name to “…and Stuff” partly because I’m trying not to use so many dang cusswords on my sites, but mostly because of Ron Swanson.


Posted: 2012-01-11

2011-11-09: Winter is coming

Which means I took a few more things off the “never selling” and “probably never selling” lists. Which means you should buy them off me.

As soon as I remember all the php I used to know, I can stop posting this list and saying “if it doesn’t have one of these tags, go for it”:

Read the Original Fire Sale post too, since its rules still apply. Then read the last news post, as it has pertinent information about how to request stuff, as well as how not to waste my time.


Posted: 2011-11-06

2011-08-24: The Fire Sale is back on!

Kind of. Most of my crap is still in storage, so I can only go searchin’ once a week or so. With that in mind, DON’T WASTE MY TIME! Example: Don’t ask for, like, half my collection, and then hit me with a “but I don’t have any money, herp derp” (true story). I will become so mad.

Anyway, check these tags. If it doesn’t have one of these, you can probably have it:

(Unless I change my mind and decide I still want something, in which case: SORRY)

Email offers to glidoler on the inter-nets mail system of Gmail (dot com). Or leave a comment somewhere. Note: if you leave a comment on a post, it won’t show up immediately or at all, because I screen first—too much spam.

Read the Original Fire Sale post too, since its rules still apply.


Posted: 2011-08-24

2011-05-19: Fire Sale is closed for the summer

I’m moving this summer, and there’s about a month between leaving my old place and moving into the new one, so everything is going into storage for a while. I’ll let you know when I’m all unpacked ’n shit. It’ll be sometime in August, lol.


Posted: 2011-05-19

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2011-03-21: Fire Sale update

I guess my sale didn’t suck! Anyway, I wanted to make a page that showed all the sold Zoids, and a page for the ones that aren’t for sale, but I used a custom field to display that in the original posts, and it is proving difficult to make a page that shows only certain values (or match variations of a certain value). Mainly because I am not good with computer.

So here are the fire sale tags. If a zoid doesn’t have one of these tags, go for it!

I’ll just leave this here too, for reference: Original Fire Sale post

Update to the update: Closed for summer!

Update to the update to the update: It’s back on!


Posted: 2011-03-21

2011-02-25: Fire Sale? Probably

This is (probably) not a drill. It’s happened to everyone else, and now it’s happening to me. The whole “moving on”/quitting Zoids thing. So, almost everything is for sale. Please make offers, because I haven’t kept up long enough to even know what they’re worth. Leave comments here, or on the posts of the wanted Zoids (I’ll screen for privacy), or send email to my gmail dot com email address, whose name is glidoler.

Some things to consider:

Hit me up if you’re not totally discouraged by the above. (Wow, this sale sucks!)


Posted: 2011-02-25

2010-11-12: It lives!

Q: What has two biologically inaccurate opposable thumbs AND a working motor and lights?


HUGE thanks to zoidmagnite, and more pics to come. Uhh, soon.

Posted: 2010-11-12

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2010-10-27: I try to get out…

…and they keep pulling me back in.

Even though I’m so over HMMs that I didn’t even give the Dark Horn a second look, the announcement of a Rinon (aka Leena) Custom version is starting to really tempt me. At the very worst, I’ll have a ton of custom fodder. At the best, I’ll have a Gun Sniper that can barely stand under the weight of all its weapons.

Just like in the anime!

It was the basket that did it. There’s no resisting that.

Posted: 2010-10-27

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2010-08-12: We are, after all, professionals

Or are we? I’m going to try and upgrade WordPress soon. The new version is so new and magical and revolutionary, that I’m a bit worried some of my custom stuff will break. If it does, I don’t exactly have time to fix it.

Cross your fingers! GREAT SUCCESS! Next, add some of those sexxy new features.

Posted: 2010-08-12

2010-06-02: AdBlock, I thought we were bros

So I was checking my page (this one) to make sure everything looked ok, and like half my thumbnails were missing! After checking every obscure thing possible, I noticed that AdBlock was filtering out anything with “-120×90” in its name. I guess the thumbnail size I’ve been using forever is a new ad size?

SO, inter-net, I will make a deal with you. If you check “Disable on” in AdBlock, I will never ever ever ever ever ever run ads on this site. As a bonus, you’ll get to see image thumbnails.

(Besides, I tried the google thing once and I made about 25 cents in three months.)

Posted: 2010-06-02

2010-05-28: My four day weekend

Let me show you it. So, with all this free time, I may suddenly discover that I still run a Zoids site, and I may catch up (a little) on pictures.

Or not, since I probably just jinxed it!

Posted: 2010-05-28

2010-04-27: RTFFAQ

Okay, after getting about 50235972350 “can I buy this off you” comments, I’ve updated the FAQ. Or, if you are asking about where to find certain zoids, check out the FAQ (where that one was already answered). And, just to be a dick, here’s a link to the FAQ again: A LINK TO THE FAQ

To make up for the above, I may actually catch up on pictures this… uh, year.

Posted: 2010-04-27

2010-01-24: So many Zoids, so little lighting

I really do want to catch up on all the pics I need to take, but it’s been uniformly grey inside and out. I need to work on an indoor setup for sure, before I forget how to camera.

In other news, it’s about that time of year where I try to undo the ham-fisted panel lining job I gave Iron Kong Yeti so long ago. Since it was black, it’s historically taken about an hour to get one piece of armor halfway clean, before I give up. This was with either the Gundam Marker remover, or nail polish remover. THIS time, though, I found some model paint solvent, and that’s doing the trick. It’s down to ten minutes per piece. I should be done by 2025.

Posted: 2010-01-24

2009-11-03: Note to self

Posted: 2009-11-03

2009-10-08: 32 is enough

That’s how many corner graphics there are now. I think most categories are well-represented. If not, maybe someday?

In other news, HMM Red Horn will soon be a real thing (pics, Kotobukiya page)!

Posted: 2009-10-08

2009-09-30: Hang on

The “random corner image” thingie will be back soon. I got tired of all the old images, and am busy making new ones. LOTS of new ones! Category-specific ones! But it’s taking a while, because I hate Photoshop and also my mouse is a piece of junk.

Update 10/2: About half of the new pics are up. Some categories have more than others right now, but I’m working on it!

Posted: 2009-09-30

2009-09-15: FINALLY

I finally finished the TS motor post! I’ve tried or looked into every windup there is, and got pictures of the ones that worked. Maybe now I can do all the other pictures I need to do…

Posted: 2009-09-15

2009-07-27: Go here instead

In case you haven’t seen this on every other zoids site: HMM Iron Kong is coming (pics, Kotobukiya page)!


In other news, I have one slightly used kidney that I am selling (for the inevitable Kong variants that will follow).

Posted: 2009-07-27

2009-05-14: Go here instead

Check out this amazing 3D animation of a Gore (in Iron Kong Yeti colors)! A-and if you go to Andy Whiteley’s site, you can find high-def video, in-progress renders, and a “making-of” page.

Posted: 2009-05-14

2009-04-30: Fluh?

I got a new camera this month, which means two things:

  1. I won’t be able to afford new Zoids for a long time
  2. I have to retake all my crappy pictures AGAIN

Woot? The camera’s hella sweet, though.

Posted: 2009-04-30

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2009-02-23: This should keep me busy

Yeah, so I kind of went on a buying/building spree, and now I have a ton of kits that need pictures. I also started a new section for those other Zoid-like toys Tomy made (since I finally got some Z-Knights).

Posted: 2009-02-23

2009-01-16: Hi everybody!

New year, new to-do:

Posted: 2009-01-12

2008-12-12: Wouldn’t it be nice(r)…

Leftover from my last to-do:

Posted: 2008-12-12

2008-12-02: Wouldn’t it be nice…

I did all these!

Posted: 2008-12-02

2008-11-03: Hang on, I saw this in a cartoon once

So here’s a new homepage, kind of. I wanted something that loaded faster and had a crapload more info on it, so’s your brain would explode. In case you totally hate it, there’s always the old one (I guess the preview only works for ME when I’m logged in)…

Posted: 2008-11-03

2008-10-23: At long last, captions!

I finally figured out how to get captions to show up in my galleries, thanks to this handy post. Hooray for the return of informative text!

Posted: 2008-10-23

2008-10-09: I’m working on it

My camera’s still on vacation for another week, so hold your horses.

Posted: 2008-10-09

2008-09-08: In the pipeline…

…some time after 9/26 (when I get back from vacation), that is, since I doubt I’ll get anything done this week. Also when I get back, I hope to have figured out some way to do box pics without them looking like crap (crap = lens distortion).

Posted: 2008-09-08

2008-08-11: Finally

The weather has been so mild lately I’ve had to check and make sure I didn’t accidentally sleep for two months. As such, I was able to take some pics without fear of melting plastic! HMM Shieldy II has more pics now, for maximum enjoyment. Also, the Panda Fighter is up.

Posted: 2008-08-11

2008-07-24: I just took a dump

Um, wait that didn’t come out right. Starting over, OK… I made a new category, Temporary dump, for all those leftover toy/bootleg/weirdstuff entries (from the old Etc section) that defy easy categorization. I also changed my permalink style, so when I move stuff around, the links won’t keep breaking. Hooray?

Posted: 2008-07-24

2008-07-22: Nothing is fuxx0red

…except my brain. The problem seemed to be that I don’t know php, but why that only affected two category pages is still a mystery. Anyway, all is once again well in the universe and last night I finished stickering the HMM Shield Liger Mk-II and Guylos Molga. So there you go.

Posted: 2008-07-22

2008-07-21: My database is still fuxx0red

All that redoing of everything, and the same two categories are still busted: 2000s misc, 3rd gen. All the others do the right thing, so I am cornfused. Anyone who can offer some php/wordpress skillz, lemme know. Otherwise it’s time to charge up the lazer…

Posted: 2008-07-21

2008-07-21: My database got fuxx0red

That’s what I get for… uh, doing something. Anyway, my category pages stopped working (but only some of them), so I had to redo them all. Now I have to reassign everything to the NEW categories (same as the old ones). UGH. I am still a n00b at blogging, lol omg jk aggro wtf

Posted: 2008-07-21

2008-06-17: Progress!

These sections are up-to-date: OJR, OAR, Robo Strux, OER, Zoids2, Techno Zoids, Fuzors, Neo/Legend Blox, NJR Limited (only one entry, but still), Genesis Limited. Can I get a w00t?

Posted: 2008-06-17

2008-06-12: Links, yo

Here’s a links page! And an about page, which I’ll fill in someday, REALLY…

Posted: 2008-06-12

2008-05-31: Who with the WHAT now

OK so I switched the site over to using wordpress. This’ll make things much easier for me to update, and give you—dear reader—some handier features (tags, comments, single pages) that I couldn’t do before. Now I just need to enter everything all over again, so if your favorite Zoid isn’t here… hang tight!

PS I know I still need to get links and intros and about pages up in here.

Posted: 2008-05-28

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