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GZ-006 Zabat

Zabat was originally introduced in the NJR, but the colors didn’t grab me like these do. Zabat’s not motorized, but there’s a fussy button you can press to flap the wings, and there is a cruise missile with a pullback motor to deploy. There are two different heads you can use: one that is more bat-like, for automated drone mode, and one that can fit a pilot, which I prefer. There is also a handy stand for hanging upside down when not in use. (Take the pilot out first, for his sake!)

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One day I will replace the cruise missile with a big fat bomb from a G1 Ramjet, but since that requires sawing and thus effort, it may be a while.

Update, 04/2011: I got another one of these MIB, as a backup, since there was no turning back from the swap I did.


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First Posted: 2008-06-08

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