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EZ-038 Elephander

In: 2nd Worldwide Release > Guylos/Neo Zenebas
Posted: 2010-05-31

I love everything about Elephander, except its size relative to other Zoids. The body’s about the size of a Redhorn—not too big. It does have a lot of nice movement and detail, and a ton of extra bits, so I guess I’ll just pretend it’s a 1/100 scale kit.

Grade Up Unit No. 3: Eye Flasher (on Gul Tiger)

In: 1st Japanese Release > Other Goodies
Last Modified: 2010-05-31
First Posted: 2010-05-28

I still haven’t tried this on Evil Pegasus, but here’s another good candidate: Gul Tiger!

GRZ-013 Gul Tiger GC

In: 2000s Misc Releases > Rebirth Century
Last Modified: 2013-07-20
First Posted: 2010-02-14

Words are coming, but for now here are some pics I took to test out my new lens.

2009: Anime 10th Edition-02 Iron Kong

In: Everything Else > Other Limited Editions
Last Modified: 2016-06-17
First Posted: 2010-01-12

TakaraTomy commemorated the 10th anniversary of the anime by releasing more anime-accurate versions of Ban/Van’s Shield Liger, and this hella sweet Kong belonging to Schwarz/Schubaltz. Making my own swap was not enough, once I saw the clear green motor and black inner frame. I also finally found a semi-good deal on ebay (although everytime someone […]

2007-11: Berserk Poryzoid

In: Customized Zoids > I Made These
Last Modified: 2016-06-17
First Posted: 2010-01-07

I’m not sure if I ever finished this. The build’s done, but I’m really unhappy with the paintjob, because pink is the most difficult/uncooperative color to work with. I’m also unhappy with the fact that it has fallen off the shelf and broken SEVERAL times. Like it’s against the law to paint one of the […]

HMM-015 Iron Kong

In: 2000s Misc Releases > Kotobukiya HMM
Last Modified: 2014-01-06
First Posted: 2010-01-03

For the longest time, people have wanted an HMM Kong. Especially me! But now that it’s out, and I have built it, I’m kind of disappointed, because it did not overcome the worst qualities of HMM kits—the fragility*. I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but this one’s going to require serious amounts of glue […]

CP-24 Flexible Booster Unit (Limited)

In: Everything Else > Weapons/Armor/Etc
Last Modified: 2013-07-20
First Posted: 2009-12-15

For the longest time I wondered if this limited version’s grey matched the weird grey of NJR Hammer Rock. It didn’t help that there were no good pictures anywhere. Well, now I know! The answer: close, but NO. This grey is very neutral, with no weird lavender cast to it.

HMM-013 Gun Sniper (Build Review)

In: 2000s Misc Releases > Kotobukiya HMM
Last Modified: 2010-09-14
First Posted: 2009-11-04

This was a fun build, with very few tough parts (which weren’t even that tough). The main thing with these smaller kits is having to do a lot more painting than with large kits, if you want that “looks just like the box!” style. I think Kotobukiya’s getting better at engineering these things, because there […]

HMM-013 Gun Sniper

In: 2000s Misc Releases > Kotobukiya HMM
Last Modified: 2009-12-11
First Posted: 2009-11-03

Short review: WOOT! Long review to come. I love this little guy. For now, check out the build review.

HMM CP-11 (for Shield Liger)

In: Everything Else > Weapons/Armor/Etc
Posted: 2009-09-30

HMM clear parts? OH MY! This was a festival limited, like all the other HMM CP sets, but the first to feature clear parts (most have been chromed).

HRZ-010 Tiga Godos (“Dos” mode)

In: 2000s Misc Releases > Rebirth Century
Last Modified: 2016-06-17
First Posted: 2009-08-06

Since I don’t have the funds to get the Dos Godos, and Tiga has all the required parts, I’m having it fill in. And since the TS motor is being borrowed by all my other windups, I’m using a windup motor from Spinosapper.

EZ-011 Heldigunner

In: 2nd Worldwide Release > Guylos/Neo Zenebas
Posted: 2009-07-16

ARGH, the hoses on this one!

HMM-007 Command Wolf AC

In: 2000s Misc Releases > Kotobukiya HMM
Last Modified: 2013-07-19
First Posted: 2009-07-16

Thanks to a sale at HLJ I was able to pick this up for cheap(ish).

EMZ-26 Hammer Rock (with tiny food)

In: 1st Japanese Release > Zenebas Empire
Last Modified: 2012-01-08
First Posted: 2009-07-08

When I was taking pics of all the possible weapon variations, I also took a few that took advantage of Hammer Rock’s “serving tray”. Somehow I forgot to post most of them, though. The tiny food in pics 1–4 came from a co-worker, and the one in pic 5 is from one of my mom’s […]

TS (Thruster System) Motor

In: 2000s Misc Releases > Rebirth Century
Last Modified: 2009-09-19
First Posted: 2009-05-21

This motor is one of new developments from the Rebirth Century line. It consists of a reworked windup-sized gearbox and an external battery pack. Official releases with this motor are Barigator TS, Tiga Godos, and the super-rare Merda TS (a “Guylos” colored limited). SO, I wanted to see how many Zoids could use this motor, […]

2009: Valga (E-Hobby exclusive)

In: Everything Else > Other Limited Editions
Last Modified: 2011-03-22
First Posted: 2009-03-24

Due to a lucky find from a US shop, the inflated prices of Rebirth zoids, the horrible exchange rate, and shipping costs, I somehow managed to get this LIMITED version for about as much as the regular version would have cost me. This was supposed to be one of those “faction switch” limiteds, but it […]

(Blue) Hydrazoid (Build Review)

In: 80s/90s Misc Releases > Original European Release
Posted: 2009-03-09

OK, not so much a review as it is some highlights of the neato workings. This is because I’m lazy.


In: Customized Zoids > Plastic Swaps
Last Modified: 2010-03-02
First Posted: 2009-03-09

I’ve been wanting to do this swap ever since the dawn of time—aka, when that other guy did it. It needed a bit more contrast, so I kept some of the silver bits instead of doing a full swap.

GRZ-002 Gil Vader

In: 2000s Misc Releases > Rebirth Century
Last Modified: 2014-04-04
First Posted: 2009-03-02

Box damage, half price, woot! That and finally being able to do the awesome swap would have been good news enough, but it turns out the original color scheme is pretty wicked. I never knew the purple parts had a metallic flake finish. And the clear red is beautiful.

Iron Kong (Karl’s type)

In: Customized Zoids > Plastic Swaps
Last Modified: 2011-04-13
First Posted: 2009-02-24

TakaraTomy commemorated the 10th anniversary of the anime by releasing more anime-accurate versions of certain kits. One of them was the Iron Kong of a certain Germanic colonel who likes gatling guns. The upside: a clear green gearbox, and inclusion of the super ultra mega rare CP-A1 (a sprue of connector parts that lets you […]

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