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511 Bear Fighter

Bear Fighter was previously a “white box” limited (the crappier the box, the rarer the prize), until this surprise Hasbro release. They assigned an arbitrary number, so as not to interfere with future NJR kits’ numbers. Apart from the orange canopy, the colors are identical to the (hella rare) OJR version. After noticing all the detail on the parts, I decided to panel-line and detail this one into next week. Gold marker + humidity = PAIN.

Other fun facts! Bear Fighter has two modes, and can walk in both: lumbering, four legged mode, and upright, amorous camper-mauling mode! Also, thanks to Hasbro’s font choice, this guy often shows up in auctions listed as “Gear Fighter”.

Status: Not sold, but gone nonetheless, 07/2013

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GZ-013 Bamburian

This was one of the hero rides from Genesis. Underneath the panda armor lies Bear Fighter’s frame. The weapons have Blox-sized pegs, and you can mount Blox weapons on the shoulders. Best of all, it’s an oddly cute kit.

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