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2007-11: Berserk Poryzoid

I’m not sure if I ever finished this. The build’s done, but I’m really unhappy with the paintjob, because pink is the most difficult/uncooperative color to work with. I’m also unhappy with the fact that it has fallen off the shelf and broken SEVERAL times. Like it’s against the law to paint one of the king badasses of zoids in these colors.

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2013-09-17: HMM BF Teaser Pics

So I’ve had this guy for nearly a year and haven’t done any pics? Not quite true. I did a few earlier in the summer. They’re still on my camera. Here is a teaser.

Berserk Führer (Zoidsfans custom edition)

Back when Zoidfans was THE place to shoot the breeze, a bunch of us got together and made a custom order to Leoshop. There was a run of the black chrome shown here, and also a blue chrome one, which I passed on. Black chrome is hard to photograph, so it’s taken a while to get good pics (4 years!?). The last three were done in my apartment with a long exposure, to show the weird purpleness that “black” chrome really is.

Status: SOLD, 09/2013

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EMZ-26 Hammer Rock (with a ton of weapons)

Another YJ bargain. It’s missing the original rockets, and there was shoulder repair done, but otherwise it’s lookin’ good. Since he’s missing the rockets, I thought I’d see how many other weapons could fit. Turns out a lot of weapons fit, and some even look good!

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HMM-033 Berserk Führer

Hello from the future! At long last there are some pics! It’ll still be a while before I get a full on review, so here’s the short-ish one:



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KZ-02 Berserk Führer (King of Flexible Mobile)

Too bad this line died so quickly and so hard, because this guy is actually pretty cool. It would have been nice to see other zoids done in this style, or even a Storm Unit for the Führer here, but oh well. It does have the one shortcoming of super-articulated figures: the more points of articulation, the harder to get a stable pose. I almost sold this, until I came back to my senses. WHEW! The last two pics show why I will never part with this wee beasty.

Status: SOLD, 09/2013

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