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DPZ-01 Dark Horn

Dark Horn was part of the set of “Dark” zoids, who had hella powers and glowy bits. This one’s been reissued about 397 times in the past few years, but none beat the O.G. here.

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Horn Swaps

So far, all I have here is Dark Horn / Green Horn. I used to put the black parts from an NJR Red Horn on Dark Horn’s armor, but trying to get pictures was impossible. Not enough contrast. This would have also looked a lot better if the Dark Horn parts didn’t have those distinctive stickers.

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ZED-4 Dark Horn

This is the only ZED I have, because 1) they were overpriced, and 2) it’s a Dark Horn. I managed to find this one for cheap on YJ, but after all the middleman markups it came to about retail. Damn. This one’s a windup, so at least it didn’t cost over 6000 yen (about a million US dollars in today’s economy). Anyway, it looks to be about 1/200 scale, is mostly pre-built (you add the weapons), and comes with three TINY pilots. Sadly it does not glow in the dark, but you can’t have everything.

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