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2005: Deadborder (Toy’s Dream Project)

TDP Deadborder reissue! Hoorj! I always thought this one was ugly (in a bad way), until someone on Pheno’s Forum (username of Deadborder, oddly enough) posted a review with good pics. Then I was swayed. I am glad I got this one, because for such a small guy it sure has a lot of detail and layering. Also, the stickers were so sweet I had no choice but to apply them.

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2008: Gator Guylos Specification

This was part of a set of limiteds sold at Wonderfest ’08. The other was Molga, which I desire greatly straight-up HAVE. These sold out in seconds, and hit obscene prices on Yahoo Japan (made even more obscene with the Dollar being down the crapper). BUT, Toy-Wave had the Gator on sale a few weeks ago, so patience and despair won out, for once! Since Gator’s legs and inner frame are on the same sprue, they included an extra of that sprue for the dark legs/green frame combo.

Status: SOLD, 10/2013

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2008: Molga Guylos Specification

The other limited from Wonderfest ’08, and another lucky catch from Toy-Wave. I didn’t know until recently that there were two shades of armor—black and wonderful wonderful gunmetal grey. Blacklight pics to come are now up, of course.

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Demon Lizard

I got this when it came out, way back in 1994! Identical to the OJR Heldigunner, except that DL doesn’t glow in the dark. I got an NJR Heldi in 1999, and within half a year of display, the rubber hoses were broken in many places. I saw on a Japanese site where someone had replaced them with coilsprings, and thus was inspired… to wait damn near four years before trying it myself. I replaced the Demon Lizard’s hoses (which are still fine after 159 years, thank you), because this variant looks cooler than the NJR.

Status: SOLD, 10/2013

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DPZ-01 Dark Horn

Dark Horn was part of the set of “Dark” zoids, who had hella powers and glowy bits. This one’s been reissued about 397 times in the past few years, but none beat the O.G. here.

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Molga (clear/Guylos)

I finally got one of those Guylos Molga limiteds, and the first thing I did was take the glowy bits off the sprues and put them on my clear Molga. This is a swap I’ve wanted to do forever! Maybe I will have to build my spare clear Red Horn, and do a similar swap with it and a Dark Horn.

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ZED-4 Dark Horn

This is the only ZED I have, because 1) they were overpriced, and 2) it’s a Dark Horn. I managed to find this one for cheap on YJ, but after all the middleman markups it came to about retail. Damn. This one’s a windup, so at least it didn’t cost over 6000 yen (about a million US dollars in today’s economy). Anyway, it looks to be about 1/200 scale, is mostly pre-built (you add the weapons), and comes with three TINY pilots. Sadly it does not glow in the dark, but you can’t have everything.

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