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2011-02-25: Fire Sale? Probably

This is (probably) not a drill. It’s happened to everyone else, and now it’s happening to me. The whole “moving on”/quitting Zoids thing. So, almost everything is for sale. Please make offers, because I haven’t kept up long enough to even know what they’re worth. Leave comments here, or on the posts of the wanted Zoids (I’ll screen for privacy), or send email to my gmail dot com email address, whose name is glidoler.

Some things to consider:

Hit me up if you’re not totally discouraged by the above. (Wow, this sale sucks!)


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First Posted: 2011-02-25

2011-03-21: Fire Sale update

I guess my sale didn’t suck! Anyway, I wanted to make a page that showed all the sold Zoids, and a page for the ones that aren’t for sale, but I used a custom field to display that in the original posts, and it is proving difficult to make a page that shows only certain values (or match variations of a certain value). Mainly because I am not good with computer.

So here are the fire sale tags. If a zoid doesn’t have one of these tags, go for it!

I’ll just leave this here too, for reference: Original Fire Sale post

Update to the update: Closed for summer!

Update to the update to the update: It’s back on!


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First Posted: 2011-03-21

2011-05-19: Fire Sale is closed for the summer

I’m moving this summer, and there’s about a month between leaving my old place and moving into the new one, so everything is going into storage for a while. I’ll let you know when I’m all unpacked ’n shit. It’ll be sometime in August, lol.


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2011-08-24: The Fire Sale is back on!

Kind of. Most of my crap is still in storage, so I can only go searchin’ once a week or so. With that in mind, DON’T WASTE MY TIME! Example: Don’t ask for, like, half my collection, and then hit me with a “but I don’t have any money, herp derp” (true story). I will become so mad.

Anyway, check these tags. If it doesn’t have one of these, you can probably have it:

(Unless I change my mind and decide I still want something, in which case: SORRY)

Email offers to glidoler on the inter-nets mail system of Gmail (dot com). Or leave a comment somewhere. Note: if you leave a comment on a post, it won’t show up immediately or at all, because I screen first—too much spam.

Read the Original Fire Sale post too, since its rules still apply.


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2011-11-09: Winter is coming

Which means I took a few more things off the “never selling” and “probably never selling” lists. Which means you should buy them off me.

As soon as I remember all the php I used to know, I can stop posting this list and saying “if it doesn’t have one of these tags, go for it”:

Read the Original Fire Sale post too, since its rules still apply. Then read the last news post, as it has pertinent information about how to request stuff, as well as how not to waste my time.


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2012-04-12: Fire Sale’s on hold for a while

Too much stuff going on. I can’t concentrate on things like figuring out what to charge, or where the stuff is, or packing and shipping of the stuff.


So, how about that HMM Berserk Fuhrer that’s coming out? If there’s one thing that would tempt me to come back—even after the Iron Kong Fiasco (and my general case of hamhands)—it’d be this one. BUT there’s no way in space-hell I can afford that thing. It’ll probably be one of those 7800 yen bastards, and with shipping and conversion rates, I’d be paying well over $100 for something that I could very well ruin and/or be severely disappointed in.


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First Posted: 2012-04-12

2013-07-06: I learned something very important this week

I found out what happens to certain off-brand ziplock baggies when left to their own devices:

Now I am frantically replacing all my baggies with paper towels, and isolating anything infected with piss whiff until I can figure out how to get rid of that smell (I’m hoping whatever cures smoker’s house whiff also cures piss whiff).

And then in two years I’ll discover that paper towels degrade in such a way that they cause poo whiff.

It’s things like this that make me tempted to give almost everything* away to the first person who shows up at my door with a van and a couple hundred dollars. I live in Illinois, by the way, so plan your trip accordingly.


*Most Kongs and clear things are off the menu.

2013-08-28: It’s a little more on than it was before (BUMPAN)

So I’m frantically removing everything from ziplock bags, and it’s driving me crazy. Buy my non-smelly stuff. Buy the smelly stuff too.

Anyway, I compiled all the information you could ever want to know regarding fires and sales, and it is right here (and up in the top navigation):

Let me stand next to your Fire Sale

Have fun, and keep your fingers crossed for no piss-whiff!


Posted: 2013-08-28

2015-09-23: More fire, more sale

So I’m very slowly listing almost everything on the electronic bay. VERY SLOWLY. Taking all those pictures on my potatophone, cleaning up the pictures, finding boxes, measuring and weighing the boxes, doing the writeup… such a pain. I only have the energy to do a few a week, so if there’s anything of interest you can probably still catch me in time.

Otherwise, here’s that link again: http://www.ebay.com/usr/custom-concern

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Posted: 2015-09-23