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2013-02-11: Moving again

And you know what that means: time to hamhand everything to pieces while trying to disassemble them for “safe” packing. Ha! This year’s victim: a damn Kong.

So those painted shoulder pieces—when you put them on, they stay put on! Ironically, I was being extra careful with this one, since I got a mild stress fracture on the other side trying to pry it apart. After much gentle prying, this one came undone too fast for my hamhands to react, and then…


Interestingly enough, they JUST announced a HMM Karl-Kong. It’s almost glorious enough to make me forget about the horrible experience I had with the first HMM Kong. Almost. If there is some kind of announcement of improving the problems of the first one (like they did with the Geno Saurer variants), I may have to start saving. Until then…

Remember when I built a HMM Berserk Führer? Wasn’t that fun? Yeah, I still don’t have pics or a review up.

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2013-07-06: I learned something very important this week

I found out what happens to certain off-brand ziplock baggies when left to their own devices:

Now I am frantically replacing all my baggies with paper towels, and isolating anything infected with piss whiff until I can figure out how to get rid of that smell (I’m hoping whatever cures smoker’s house whiff also cures piss whiff).

And then in two years I’ll discover that paper towels degrade in such a way that they cause poo whiff.

It’s things like this that make me tempted to give almost everything* away to the first person who shows up at my door with a van and a couple hundred dollars. I live in Illinois, by the way, so plan your trip accordingly.


*Most Kongs and clear things are off the menu.