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Abandoned ideas (2003–05)

Being abandoned swap ideas, all I have are the crappiest pics imaginable. Actually, 6–14 aren’t totally abandoned. I’m hoping that posting these horrible ancient pictures of awesome swaps will shame me into taking better pictures. Seriously, my phone has a better camera than the one that took these.

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EZ-034 Geno Breaker

When I discovered that you could put the cannons on in place of the crab claws (aka “X-breakers”), I liked this guy a lot more. Actually the claws aren’t so bad, but the guns really do it for me. The painted Raven (uber villain brat from the Chaotic Century anime) figure is from a gashapon set I got from YJ. I also tinted the eye pieces and painted the teeth (poorly), for more contrast.

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Geno Breaker (Hasbro action figure)

Geno Breaker, in mini form! I don’t normally get into the action figures Hasbro made, but I got this one accidentally, plus I’m on a Geno kick, so here he is. I actually like him better without all the extra equipment, and the head spear reminds me of a cockatiel. Pics 1–4 are right out of the package. Pics 5–8 are after a much needed touchup paint job. #9 is of the whole “family”!

Status: Not sold, but gone nonetheless, 07/2014

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