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I’ve been wanting to do this swap ever since the dawn of time—aka, when that other guy did it. It needed a bit more contrast, so I kept some of the silver bits instead of doing a full swap.

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Last Modified: 2010-03-02

First Posted: 2009-03-09

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GRZ-002 Gil Vader

Box damage, half price, woot! That and finally being able to do the awesome swap would have been good news enough, but it turns out the original color scheme is pretty wicked. I never knew the purple parts had a metallic flake finish. And the clear red is beautiful.

Status: SOLD, 04/2014

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First Posted: 2009-03-02

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GZ-018 Gildragon

The reissue no one thought would happen. The stickers were a lot higher quality than usual—very thin and nicely trimmed. That didn’t stop me from messing up the cockpit one TWICE, though. Check out my cat Dora hanging out on Gildy’s shelf.

Last 4 pics: While most people prefer the original Gilvader’s colors and horns, I really like the white/blue. Just in case anyone hasn’t seen Gildy with the old horns, here ya go.

Status: SOLD, 02/2015

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