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2006: Gojulas HT (TRU Japan 15th ann.)

In celebration of Toys R Us Japan’s 15th anniversary (October 2006), Tomy released an entirely clear Gojulas! The gearbox, battery covers and even the light are all clear. Best of all, I get another clear pilot, which means another mini-micronaut! I wish the original Z-point giveaways (don’t call ’em crystal!) were this complete in their clearness. Proper pics to come (someday) are finally here. Last three are keychain LED-enhanced!

Status: Not sold, but gone nonetheless, 09/2013 (it was pee yellow and falling apart, and could not be saved)

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HRZ-001 King Gojulas

Perhaps you’ve heard of the quality control issues with the King’s motor. If not, let me tell you: BEWARE! Many people are reporting that their motors do not work properly or at all, right out of the box. A sampling of problems: head won’t turn, arms won’t expand, motor won’t turn off, lights don’t work, purchase of kit didn’t make me more popular with ladies…

Status: Zoidmagnite gets first dibs

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LB-03 Gojulas MK-II

Is it sacrilege that I like the Neoblox Gojulas more than the model kit one, especially this MK-II? The Neo seems a lot less stiff and clunky. The box seems to show an NJR orange cockpit, but the actual kit is OJR smoke. Maybe it’s the “glow” effect?

Status: RAIDED FOR PARTS, long ago

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