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FZ-010 Gorhecks

I got this from Claire over at kitty-bot. In the anime, this version of Gorhecks was part of the Peace Keeping Bureau, aka the Po-lice. Its mold was modified to allow a siren piece to go on top. It’s a nice touch.

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Last Modified: 2013-08-09

First Posted: 2008-05-24

RHI-04 Gorhecks

I finally got one of these! Thanks, WIKD and Yahoo Japan! The clear purple bits pwn all other versions. The white bits are actually the same off-white shade as the NJR Command Wolf.


Last Modified: 2008-05-31

First Posted: 2008-05-24

RZ-066 Gorhecks

I mainly got this one for the swapping potential. When it first came out, I saw the box before the actual kit, and was in a state of panic until it was confirmed that the orange parts were actually clear, the way the Good Lord intended.

Update, 01/2010: A fellow zoider was saddened that I raided this guy for parts, and sent me a spare. And here it is! A lot of people complain about the colors, but they do look a lot better in person. Thanks, zoidmagnite!


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First Posted: 2008-06-17

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The english version of the box (mine has every language BUT) for this one calls him a “cool customer”. I normally don’t “do” Zoids2 stickers, but the ones on the plates actually looked pretty good.


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First Posted: 2008-05-20

Stego Swap-o-Rama

1-5, 6-10: New and improved Z2 Stego/NJR Gorhecks swaps! This time I added the NJR’s grey underbits, for a little more contrast. The pilot is my custom mini micronaut.
11-14: By request: a swap of my OJR and Fuzors Gorcheckseseses. I think this one turned out pretty sweet.


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First Posted: 2008-05-27