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HMM-013 Gun Sniper

Short review: WOOT! Long review to come. I love this little guy.

For now, check out the build review.

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First Posted: 2009-11-03

HMM-013 Gun Sniper (Build Review)

This was a fun build, with very few tough parts (which weren’t even that tough). The main thing with these smaller kits is having to do a lot more painting than with large kits, if you want that “looks just like the box!” style. I think Kotobukiya’s getting better at engineering these things, because there were not as many parts that needed gluing to keep the kit stable.

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RZ-030 Gun Sniper

Released in 2000, one of the first brand new designs since the OJR days, and sadly it’s a turkey. The main problem is the poor molding, which pretty much ruins ol’ Gunsnipey. A year later, this was one of the first Hasbro releases, which meant it could be purchased right off a shelf, instead of paying an arm and a leg for shipping from overseas.

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