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2005: Blade Hawk (Full Metal Crash)

This is an odd bird. For its alternate mode it splits into a weapon (giant shuriken!) and armor for Murasame Liger. Since I don’t have a Murasame, I’m trying to think of customizing ideas…

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Posted: 2008-12-08

2007-11: Berserk Poryzoid

I’m not sure if I ever finished this. The build’s done, but I’m really unhappy with the paintjob, because pink is the most difficult/uncooperative color to work with. I’m also unhappy with the fact that it has fallen off the shelf and broken SEVERAL times. Like it’s against the law to paint one of the king badasses of zoids in these colors.

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First Posted: 2010-01-07

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EZ-011 Heldigunner

ARGH, the hoses on this one!

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Posted: 2009-07-16

EZ-061 Killer Dome

Dark Spiner’s crabby friend! Snappy claws and spinning dome can also be activated by rolling across the floor.

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First Posted: 2011-03-03

HMM-013 Gun Sniper

Short review: WOOT! Long review to come. I love this little guy.

For now, check out the build review.

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First Posted: 2009-11-03

HMM-015 Iron Kong

For the longest time, people have wanted an HMM Kong. Especially me! But now that it’s out, and I have built it, I’m kind of disappointed, because it did not overcome the worst qualities of HMM kits—the fragility*. I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but this one’s going to require serious amounts of glue just to keep it from shedding armor and fingers every time you look at it.

Pics still to come, if it can survive being photographed (don’t expect any exciting poses; I don’t have the patience). Screw it, just look at Dalong’s pics instead.


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M.S.G. #20 Gatling Gun

This is from Kotobukiya’s M.S.G. (Modeling Support Goods) line of weapons and parts. While M.S.G. stuff is made for Giant Human Like Battle Robots, this one can (probably) be used on Zoids, so I’m including it here. Also, I have no other outlet for non-Zoid models. For now, check out the build review and this awesome vidya (which means it’s not mine).


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M.S.G. #26 Dynamic Chain Saw

I’m combining the regular post and the build review, just because. Is this one more fun to play with than the gatling gun? The answer may surprise you.

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PT-03 Shotwalker (Wave)

Well, I had to build it!

Status: Wave figure sold long ago

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First Posted: 2008-12-02

RZ-029 Storm Sworder

One of the early “brand new” designs of the NJR. Very sleek and the jet turbines everywhere are a nice touch.

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Posted: 2008-12-16