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(Blue) Cosmozoid

aka RMZ-08 Pegasuros in the OJR. This was the last zoid I needed to complete my “whiteheads” collection. It’s a bit dopey looking, but it grew on me, and it will grow on you too. Cosmo got his own little storyline in the European comic, back in 80s times. Poor fella…

Beware: the blue plastic on this one is very brittle!

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First Posted: 2008-06-17

03 Saber Tiger (Zoids Collection)

A 1/144 Saber Tiger, yes! I think this was an NJR candy prize, but I have no idea past that. I got it for cheaps off the ebay. It’s a neat little kit. Decent articulation, detail’s not bad, and the tiny guns are removable. I want to do a better touch-up job on the head. My gray gundam marker is too bluish, and I need to paint the lower jaw “cap” in something that matches.

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CP-24 Flexible Booster Unit (Limited)

For the longest time I wondered if this limited version’s grey matched the weird grey of NJR Hammer Rock. It didn’t help that there were no good pictures anywhere. Well, now I know! The answer: close, but NO. This grey is very neutral, with no weird lavender cast to it.


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GB-008 Bio Volcano

This was Char Aznable’s Zairin’s mid-season upgrade. It has the same frame as Bio Megs, but the armor is a lot thicker, so it looks beefier and three times more intimidating. All the “crystal shards” don’t hurt either. I can almost never get this guy posed without the assistance of the display stand.

Status: SOLD, 04/2014

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HMM-004 Geno Saurer

I’m done! While not having as many pieces as Shieldy or Command Woof, it was still quite the complex and satisfying build.

Status: SOLD, 11/2014

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HMM-015 Iron Kong

For the longest time, people have wanted an HMM Kong. Especially me! But now that it’s out, and I have built it, I’m kind of disappointed, because it did not overcome the worst qualities of HMM kits—the fragility*. I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but this one’s going to require serious amounts of glue just to keep it from shedding armor and fingers every time you look at it.

Pics still to come, if it can survive being photographed (don’t expect any exciting poses; I don’t have the patience). Screw it, just look at Dalong’s pics instead.


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