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2006-03: Poryzoid

I am continuing the time honored tradition of cramming zoid parts into Pokémon windup kits. Here is the first known Pokézoid: one, two. A couple years later, (Darth) Tres Wright made his own Pikazoid, then upped the ante with a Venuzoid. Around this time, I picked up a Porygon kit, thinking that would make an excellent addition, then proceeded to sit on it for five years until I finally acquired some skills.


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2006-03: Poryzoid (the making of)

I started out with a traditional “whitehead” cockpit, until I realized that the Starrior one (with modifications) would be much better. (Poor Starriors—I keep raiding them for parts!)

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2007-11: Berserk Poryzoid

I’m not sure if I ever finished this. The build’s done, but I’m really unhappy with the paintjob, because pink is the most difficult/uncooperative color to work with. I’m also unhappy with the fact that it has fallen off the shelf and broken SEVERAL times. Like it’s against the law to paint one of the king badasses of zoids in these colors.

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