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EMZ-26 Hammer Rock (with a ton of weapons)

Another YJ bargain. It’s missing the original rockets, and there was shoulder repair done, but otherwise it’s lookin’ good. Since he’s missing the rockets, I thought I’d see how many other weapons could fit. Turns out a lot of weapons fit, and some even look good!

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Yuji Kaida #11 Salamander Bombvern

You wouldn’t think these colors would work, but they do! I thought the enormous cannons (CP-10) were kind of silly, so I tried some alternatives (the original Saly missile launchers, and CP-09).

Status: Raided for parts (tips of CP-10s), fall 2007; SOLD (the rest of CP-10, connectors), 08/2011; Not sold, but gone nonetheless (everything else), 07/2014

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