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HRZ-010 Tiga Godos

In the Rebirth line, ol’ Godos got two upgrades! (Tiga means three in Malaysian, and we all know what Dos means, right?). A big part of the fun of this kit is the new motor, as you can see here. The other big thing (introduced in Dos Godos) is the choice to be motorized or poseable. It’s not 100% awesome (some bugs still need ironed out), but it’s definitely a good start.

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Last Modified: 2016-06-17

First Posted: 2009-02-19

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M.S.G. #20 Gatling Gun (Build Review)

A motorized gatling gun with a totally hidden motor? How did they do it? The answer may surprise you.

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Last Modified: 2011-04-13

First Posted: 2011-04-12

TS (Thruster System) Motor

This motor is one of new developments from the Rebirth Century line. It consists of a reworked windup-sized gearbox and an external battery pack. Official releases with this motor are Barigator TS, Tiga Godos, and the super-rare Merda TS (a “Guylos” colored limited).

SO, I wanted to see how many Zoids could use this motor, without any darthing (or visible darthing, in the case of Snipe Master).


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