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2006-08: Dark Spiner custom (WIP)

I started this in the fall of 2005, then set it aside because I didn’t think I could paint during the winter. Turns out I could have, but then I got massively sidetracked. Now I can’t paint in the summer (too humid!), so I’m putting this up “in progress”. I gave him all new weapons (the CP-01s required hell of cutting to work), new hands, and added some details here and there. I am also trying something new with the photos, because it was too hot to shoot outside, and I was too lazy to set up my backdrop, but I didn’t want anyone seeing how bad I need to clean up my living room. Now taking bets on whether I ever finish this or any other customs…

Status: Not sold, but gone nonetheless, 07/2014

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2007-05: Killer Bee custom (WIP)

I’ve been doing this one off and on forever (I work slow these days). Who knows when I’ll paint, so I present this one “in progress”, with bonus “making of” pics. The main thing holding me back was what to do about the wings, but then I tried out Savinga’s blades and was finally happy. A bonus with the blades is they make the bee look like a living Prozen Knights bee logo.

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