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The One Blox (vol.1)

These came out at the end of 2004. So named because they consist of pvc rubber bits surrounding a single core blox. Unfortunately, the blox(es?) they used are knockoff-quality, and not as secure as the regular ones. A set called “The Gacha” (which I don’t have) came out at the same time, consisting of repaints of Vol 1. Pic #9 is Victory Liger, which was a limited edition piece that came with a video game.

Story time: I paid these guys no mind until I saw how cute the Darkhorn actually was (thanks, Tilly). By this time supplies had dried the hell up. Then Phenotype decided to sell his collection, and hope was reborn. I was originally going to resell all the non-Darkhorn ones, but once I got them in my mitts, I fell in love and had to keep them all.

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