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Zoicoro: Molga

One of the highly sought-after mini pullback zoids. I’ve wanted a super deformed Molga for a while. I got two of these in an auction. They were a steal because the motors were busted. My friend calls these “silly deformed”, because they are. This one and the Glidoler are a lot easier to find than most of the rest of them (you don’t even want to know what the Barigator goes for).

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Last Modified: 2013-07-20

First Posted: 2008-08-16

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  1. Chris said:

    I’m sure you have seen the new D-style Zoids. The deathsaurer looks awesome. They would go great with this guy, especially if the are close in size. By the way thanks again for the Kreep. He’s getting a little dusty but I still look at him time to time with the rest of his brethren.

    March 2nd, 2013 at 1:22 am | #

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